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Just the other day I was asked to give my opinion in regards to the circumstances that have transpired in the Royal Family. This post is my sincere and genuine viewpoint of the situation Harry and Meghan have recently encountered, by their decision to forfeit their standing in the British Monarchy. As we know, both Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, have decided after prolonged contemplation, to step back from the duties and responsibilities that are required as elite members of the Windsor's. Their presence in Britain has been supplanted, as plans to reside in Canada has become their agreed destination for raising their son, Archie. Moreover, the HRH official titles bestowed on Harry and Meghan were terminated, along with the required duties and responsibilities attributed to them as members of the Royal Family at the behest of the Queen.

I believe we must review the historical details of the past. In so doing, we can grasp the motivation for a transition away from an institution, that has created a prolific controversy in Harry's life and the lives of a family that has endured a torment of pain and suffering.

On July 29th, 1981 Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles to the delight of the entire world. The television reception of the wedding ceremony was truly magnificent, as the entire world witnessed a regal procession of majestic proportions rarely viewed in our lifetimes.

Harry was born on September 15, 1984. Harry is the younger brother of Prince William. The ongoing conflict that occurred during the marriage of his parents was traumatic. Infidelity and distrust ended the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles as they were divorced in 1996. The ongoing drama that led to the breakup was truly disturbing and emotionally disconcerting for everyone in the family, the United Kingdom and the world. The despondent circumstances led to the tragic death of Princess Diana in 1997.

These events occurred during Prince Harry's young life. Harry suffered the dissolution of his parents marriage and the death of his beloved mother, the following year, at 12 years of age. By all accounts, to endure a never ending trauma as a youngster, will always be considered a surmounting tragedy that has emotional repercussions towards one's mental health. These events will always be a despondent reminder that has affected his disposition and will continue its damage throughout his life. As an adult, Harry was cognizant of the consequences in living under a microscope by a press that has demonstrated the inability to refrain from invading his privacy.  Furthermore, the cause of his mother's death is still under investigation in the minds of those unwilling or perplexed to believe the circumstances of an 'accident' that continues to haunt the British public.

Prince Harry wed Meghan Markle on May 19th, 2018. It is my understanding they met during the Summer of 2016. Their courtship was publicized by the British press with a sense of optimism and delight. While Meghan is an American actress and divorcee, her background was also under scrutiny as her parents were biracial. Since the marriage, her character was disparaged by members of the British press as she no longer communicates with individuals she knew before meeting Prince Harry. Moreover, her family has endured a propensity of distress, in which her father did not appear at her wedding due to failing health and has never met Prince Harry nor the Royal Family. Just the other day he was displeased with Meghan's behavior in depriving the respect and admiration for the Monarchy as an institution. Moreover, in a recent interview with Meghan's sister Samantha, she questioned Meghan's neglect of not contacting her family for a long period of time. It is my understanding there is a court case that will divulge the circumstances of a private letter Meghan sent to her father that has been revealed in the press. With this backdrop, there has been a foment of criticism against Meghan as the chief culprit in the circumstances that have occurred. Consequently, Prince Harry in his most recent remarks, was deeply saddened in relinquishing his role as a member of the British Monarchy as options to the contrary were no longer available.

My Observation

One's destiny is only known by Our Lord. This entire scenario was meant to be, as I assume both families will do their best to overcome continuous challenges. The past events that occurred in both Harry's and Meghan's life converged in a manner that determined their future. The substance of their characters revealed their innermost inclinations to live without impediments. To live a peaceful life without barriers and the ability to have the capacity to direct their movements without conflict, is a discernment they have agreed upon as the basis for their independence. Concurrently, it has been reported they have chosen a former US President, a wealthy American talk show host and other Hollywood celebrities with leftist political viewpoints as counselors on how to prosper monetarily as a direct result of their decision to disband from the duties as active members of the British Monarchy. To be held in high esteem, I caution both Harry and Meghan that one's integrity, honor and dignity are the main factors universally embraced in the elevation of the human condition. The advice given by these individuals must be sparingly acknowledged and ascertained for its veracity. The only sincere and authentic method to gain the confidence and direction required to live a life of abundance, is through the powerful devotion that is revealed in prayer. Life is not all about amassing a fortune or material assets or living a hapless existence by hobnobbing with the rich and famous. The world truly recognizes and warmly appreciates the involvement Harry has displayed in assisting those in need. This element of Harry's spiritual strength should continue, as we pray for this young family to overcome all disparities they will face in years to come. All of us wish Harry and Meghan tremendous happiness in their lives. The time has come for all of us to forgive and fulfill our destinies, by living in peace. 

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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