January 20th, 2017 12:17 PM

Dear Friends,
A vast majority of Americans in the Heartland and throughout the nation have crossed the Rubicon, as a new direction of thought and inspiration is now occupied by idiosyncratic beliefs generated by the election of Donald Trump as President.
As I have mentioned on numerous occasions, revelations of the unvarnished truth continues to be disclosed in regards to an organized faction of dissent casting dispersions on Americans espousing conservative points of view. This conflict has abused the requisite responsibilities of behavior when freedom of speech is exercised. Just a day or two ago, a major cable news network and other entities are unable to accept the results of the General Election by shrewdly advocating violence or advancing persuasions of rebellion to undermine the transition of power. The eventual consequences of governance is inevitable if this approach persists, as an overwhelming hatred for opposing values and its virtues promulgated by a vocal and powerful press and its sycophants, can be viewed as a path towards anarchy.
Americans are witnessing the contempt for the rule of law and the basis for representation in a republic, where democracy is accepted and extended in the Constitution.
The history of this nation's past, once examined by those that have procured the wisdom of discernment, will appreciate its evolution as a nation in which liberty is the basis for the quality of one's life.

The Office of the Presidency will always be afforded the respect it truly deserves.
 Many Americans have fought and lost their lives in battle for the freedoms we currently enjoy.
 Today's Inaugural address recognizes the work that must be done to restore the abundance forfeited by years of neglect emotionally, financially and spiritually.
 'Making America Great Again' is the mantra which will sustain the optimism in one's life, where dreams can thrive and be fulfilled by its citizens. By speaking plainly and effectively without obsequious verbiage, the new President has disclosed a vision where all Americans are assembled to embrace the 'Spirit of 1776' within our communities.
We pray for our new President as he forges the attainment of peace that is required, so we can have the opportunity to live our lives full of substance. In so doing, we ebulliently rise to the occasion as we 'Hail To The Chief'.

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Inaugural address analysis by Dick Morris

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