December 24th, 2017 3:00 AM

Dear Friends,
It's Christmas Eve and we are eager to celebrate the birth of Jesus just a few hours from now!
It was exactly 5 years ago today, when our TeamBlog highlighted the amazing voice of Jim Nabors. As you may know, he passed away on November 30th. Jim was truly a man of great character and will always be remembered as humble and righteous. He was known affectionately as Gomer Pyle, a cast member of the Andy Griffith Show. He also had his own sitcom, Gomer Pyle USMC and hosted a variety show, The Jim Nabors Hour.

I enjoyed Gomer's antics and laughed without ceasing through all of his exploits! Americans have fond memories of his funny portrayal of Gomer. While this is true, perhaps his magnificent joyous baritone voice in which he exalted the workings of the Almighty through love and compassion, will be recognized as his legacy to be remembered for years to come. Jim's recordings are well known and appreciated. We all know in our hearts that on this Christmas Eve we can hear Jim exclaim to everyone, Go Tell It On The Mountain! from his newest residence in the heavens!

I wish you, your family and friends a Very Merry Christmas!

Click below to hear Jim sing!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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