May 6th, 2020 9:38 PM

Dear Friends,

American history is truly fascinating as it reveals the genuine American character of those that love democracy and the sacrifices made for liberty and freedom. It was many years ago when Patrick Henry delivered his speech to a packed Second Virginia Convention in March of 1775. The cry of 'Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death' was an oratorical masterpiece, as he was able to convince the colonials in attendance to rise up and send a battalion of troops from Virginia to fight in the Revolutionary War.

Patrick Henry was the colonial Governor of Virginia at the time and an attorney in good standing. He was a fine orator and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. For me to compare this exceptional man from Virginia to the current Governor of this state, I would woefully attempt a 'fools errand' as this comparison would be considered a travesty of the highest order. It's amazing that after 245 years, democratic principles are discarded by intellectual ignorance.

During the past few months, this country and the entire world continues to suffer from the painful loss of life, attributed to a virus that originated in China. This Communist nation and its surrogates, have misled the entire world by their actions in efforts to mislead and coverup the pandemic, that has allowed the destruction of civilization on all continents. The cases of affliction in America are devastating, as the death rate rises and the financial consequences are similar in scope to the Great Depression.

It is an unfortunate realization this generation of Americans have succumbed to a vast misappropriation of common sense, in understanding the effects the virus has in one's life. It is sane and logical for discerning adults to be careful in the manner one is to approach a pandemic. The Coronavirus has created havoc and abuse by those seeking the ability to overwhelm by a concerted effort to circumvent the Constitutional rights of all Americans.

The politicization of everything under the sun has made this nation into a bucolic, disgruntled mass of perverse energy that has gradually denuded the mental capacity for reason, ethical principles and the acceptance of one's dignity that fosters respect in others. Personal responsibility is required, to obey sound medical recommendations on how to conquer and alleviate the effects in containing the Coronavirus within our neighborhoods. Concurrently, this nation must also balance the ability to generate commerce. The income procured by this gradual and common sense endeavor to reopen businesses across America, will begin to sustain all families by providing the food and shelter required to reestablish one's piece of mind. The oppressive nature of a cadre of Governors, City Mayors, Law Enforcement and Judges in their attempts to control or micromanage the life of a US citizen under the most Draconian procedures to curtail the outbreak of the Coronavirus, is the circumstance that can try men's souls. Notwithstanding, the disdainful media has forfeited its journalistic integrity by conspiring with miscreants in their complicity to elevate their contempt for Americans with dissenting views. Must America relive its history when a Revolutionary War was the only method available, to end the scourge of repression amongst its population?  

To save this country from the hatred of leftist sympathizers in their contempt to dismantle Capitalism by executive orders that prolongs one's misery, a growing number of Americans have 'seen the light'. When there is a concerted effort by leftist political supporters eager to impose their Socialist or Communist concepts on a Democratic Republic in crisis - the die has been cast.  Do not be afraid my friends. Through prayer and supplication the Good Lord will answer our concerns, as the Coronavirus has divinely revealed the true character of those seeking to destroy this nation. It's true that God works in mysterious ways. The pandemic has shaken the world and will bring a restoration of faith that has been dormant for a very long period of time. You must never be discouraged, as God is in control!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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