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November 9th, 2016 7:45 PM

Dear Friends,
The American people have chosen the team of Donald Trump and Mike Pence as their newest leaders. While the General Election of 2016 will be analyzed by historians for years to come, the American people were confronted with a choice on how this nation is to be governed. While there are divisions from a presidential campaign that has had its dramatic moments of suspense and intrigue, many of us are content this chapter of public discourse has come to an end. Nevertheless, the debate will begin again at a moments notice or even once the dust settles. When we allow ourselves to take a deep breath from the acrimony and emotion we've been through, our lives will be deeply affected by the election results. For many, an exciting and ebullient chapter in modern American history will overcome the evils of deception and corruption, as the truth, above all else, will become the main force for governance. For those in the electorate disenchanted with the election results, the truth discovered in this campaign will set you free!

The Republican party will have a majority of Governorships, both chambers of Congress and the Presidency once the newest government begins its administration on January 20th, 2017. The direction of this country was chosen by discernment, logic, prayer and a realization current domestic and foreign problems were ignored or were not addressed. Americans understood that another 4 years of pain, suffering and despair due to
  similar government policies proposed by the Democratic candidate, would become the death knell of this nation's existence.
 As previously mentioned in past blogs, disclosures of contents within hacked emails or information gathered by clandestine associations, has revealed the inner workings of individuals or entities the public has encountered by not knowing their true motivations. The bias and double standards of the main street media and inducements by crony big business concerns, has divulged its preference for the Democratic candidate at all costs. With the information acquiesced throughout this campaign, I would tend to believe Americans have become wiser or skeptical of diatribes uttered by 'journalists'. While this may be considered a 'learning curve' for the unblemished, Americans are resolved to lift their spirits by an optimism for the future not experienced for a very long time.

This election was a political miracle of divine intervention, as the prayers of the American people and by those around the world knew the importance of saving this nation from turmoil. The time has come for all Americans to unite and conquer all vestiges of hatred, abuse and disharmony.
 It's full speed ahead as God is watching us from a distance!

Thanks again for your continuous support.
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Posted by Jesse Dorado on November 9th, 2016 7:45 PMPost a Comment

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