July 5th, 2012 10:32 AM

Dear Friends,

During this Independence Day weekend, Americans are reminded yet again of the sacrifices of those that fought our battles for liberty. The commitment for freedom began so many years ago, as a conviction to end the tyranny of a monarchy over colonial settlers of a new land. The abuse of imposing exorbitant taxes began the groundswell toward Independence. When one reads this document, the genuine desire for a new contract to establish the pursuit to acquire the fruits of one's labor is truly evident.

As of today, for many Americans, we have become painfully aware of those that harbor beliefs contrary to the Founders of this great nation. The domestic battle in which health care, by the Supreme Court's approval of the Affordable Care Act, has enjoined the power of taxation as an accomodation. By so doing, the Court has interpreted its wish to approve a much maligned and discredited bill of 2700 pages as the requisite basis for its decision. By all calculations, such an approach is an affront to the wisdom of jurisprudence. 

While the desire for universal health care is an aspiration for many, the process in which this legislation was enacted through coercion and intimidation and the method for its enforcement, has come under scrutiny for its massive destructive consequences. This decision now allows the government the ability to curtail our sacrosanct freedoms, by mandating additional taxes as a form of extortion and its ability to infiltrate the embrace of our religious liberty by its contempt for human life. Our sovereignty and the ability to pursue 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness' has been compromised.

It is a sign of true irony that 3 branches of government have turned their backs on the American people by its desire for power and control throughout every stage of one's life. While these forces are completely foreign to the substance of virtue and integrity in which this nation was founded, it needs to be known this is a Pyrrhic Victory at best.

During the past several years, Americans have been subjected to chronic occurrences wherein the Constitution has been assaulted by incompetent, arrogant and dubious members of powerful interests. Whether these interests are within the halls of government, the main street media or in business, the undue stress and strain on the American electorate is apparent. While a minority has taken the bull by the horns and have mastered their effectiveness by such an action, the day of reckoning is just around the corner.

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