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July 3rd, 2008 11:35 PM

Dear Friends,

It seems as though we've become accustomed to bad economic news around this time every week. This was true again today, but I've decided not to dwell on such grim happenings in this edition of our TEAMBLOG. It's best to concentrate on the wonderful and passionate ideals our great country is best known for.


Many in the world today envy our democratic system of government. The people of this nation bestow the power of governance to our representatives by our votes. It has been said many times that one vote makes a difference and America's history is a testament to its importance. If we must compare our livelihood to those of other nations, the United States will always be considered the land of opportunity and the greatest country on earth.

It is unfortunate that many Americans take the freedoms we truly cherish for granted. We need to remember the sacrifices our Armed Forces have displayed in efforts of ending tyranny and confrontation where force is required. In today's dangerous world where many interests are focused on destroying all democratic principles for the elevation of despotic philosophies, our nation has a responsibility to meet the burdens to end these attacks on the human condition. America is the only country on earth that has the penultimate ability to move this philosophy of freedom forward. 

The freedom of expression and the ability to worship in one's faith are centerpieces of this great movement. We are fortunate to be the benefactors of a destiny which began on July 4th, 1776, America's independence from Great Britain.   


Many of us are immigrants. Leaving the current controversy of illegal immigration aside - our forefathers came to America to seek a better opportunity for their families. The passion for freedom created an environment of endless possibilities. A better job, a nice house, food on the table, warm clothing, a good education and competent healthcare are simple requisites to pursue a dream to better one's lot in life. Many of us are truly thankful for the welcome many Americans have given to new immigrants throughout its history. The generosity and the faith in helping others is a living testament of our democracy.

My family and many Cubans suffered the strains of Communism during the early 1960's. The political spectacle of extortion against the Cuban population by Fidel Castro, created a profound and painful exodus of children to America's shores. America with the cooperation of the Catholic Church, opened its arms to many Cubans and their families during this period. My 2 brothers and I left Havana in 1962 along with thousands of children in the humanitarian 'Peter Pan' flights to freedom. It took over 4 years for us to be reunited with our beloved parents once again. For many families, the trauma of such separation is still evident in subtle ways, so many years later. I and many Cubans would not be as successful citizens of this great country without the deep and affectionate compassion of America. I am truly grateful.

While this nation has many problems, we are not living under a dictatorship, a communist regime or under a philosophy of religious fanaticism. America's problems will be solved with a dose of patience, perseverance and fortitude. In regards to our current economy and the challenges we face, we need to be reminded of our strength and convictions demonstrated in years past. Look forward and never give up!

And may God in all His eternal wisdom, continue to Bless the United States of America!

Thanks Again


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Posted by Jesse Dorado on July 3rd, 2008 11:35 PMPost a Comment

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