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Dear Friends,

In my attempt to fulfill the role as a responsible American citizen, I have the good fortune to have the ability afforded by the Constitution, to offer my thoughts in regards to the human condition this country now faces. To acknowledge the Bill of Rights as the instrument for my commission,  I am reassured that I am empowered by the sacrifices of those before me, to express myself in a manner which respects one's freedom of speech. While this nation is gathering its own inertia where balance in thoughts, words and actions are struggling for recognition, many of us continue to fight the excesses of personality and contrivance of those in our society with petulant and incongruous demands on its citizenry. The 'melting pot' has become a full boil and the stew has become spoiled by disgruntled cooks adding disagreeable seasonings unworthy of one's consumption.

The frustrating liturgy of needless pain and suffering can be ascertained by the millions of foreclosures that have swept this country. Government, business and the media have unwittingly conspired to infiltrate the belief patterns of steadfast, faith inspired, hard working Americans. In a script where foreign principles are introduced in a democracy by coercion and force, we are now witnessing the dissolution, by some measures, of dissent in our inability to fight injustice. The lack of compassion and the surge towards a baseless mentality where dignity and respect are no longer viewed as a value in one's composition or character, America has begun its trajectory towards divisiveness.

Most of us that have garnered the strength of our convictions can easily notice the surge of a culture where the bottom line always congregates towards profit. Decisions are made hastily and without contemplation as our society has lifted its idolatry towards the attainment of monetary gains at all costs. The powerful elite has disgraced its wealth on maneuvering its devoid political predilections to achieve its aims by manipulating powerful envoys in all sectors. Whether monies are funneled through influence in government, business or media, the American people are shortchanged and the sovereignty of a nation and its citizenry is affected.

Foreclosure Avoidance Recommendations

While foreclosures continue to destroy neighborhoods, families, stability and one's peace of mind, the time has come to enforce a compelling argument, where financial institutions must endure the discipline of common sense Americans. This evolution in thought by taking control of one's destiny can be found in the origins and the vast history of this nation. The time has now arrived to conquer the extremes of political theater, from either right or  the left, in order for the mainstream, independent voices of sanity are allowed to be recognized. It is recommended that in order to end the continued manifestation of failed policies and procedures in regards to the filing and dissemination of foreclosures, it is essential for the following to occur:

1. A loan modification agreement must be reconciled by the homeowner and the lender to end any actions which may lead to a foreclosure. It will be mandatory for the lending institution to offer a good faith arrangement with the homeowner to end any likelihood the subject property will be foreclosed upon. This requirement is mandatory for all owner occupied properties and second homes.

2. If for some reason a loan modification was not offered or unsuccessful, the subject property will not be listed for sale until an investigation occurs by an independent 3rd party. This entity will review the foreclosure action and its proceedings. If it finds there is a discrepancy in the methods by the lending institution in their attempts to facilitate a loan modification, the lender must go back and negotiate with the homeowner until an agreement is accepted by both parties.

3. An agreement between the homeowner and the lender must be finalized within 90 days. If there is no agreement, the lender will be penalized per diem until the mandatory provision of a bonafide loan modification agreement is in place.

4. It is our understanding that a successful loan modification would seek to implement a (PITI) Principal - Interest - Taxes - Insurance of no more than 31% of a homeowners take home pay. This formula and/or a rate of 2% for a 5 Year period must be utilized in all underwriting decisions. Second trust deeds must adhere to the recommendation given by the First trust deed holder.

5. Above all else loan modifications for owner occupied and vacations homes are mandatory.

6. Discourage home buyers to purchase foreclosed properties where a lender's actions has led to eviction. Either by law or by a sense of shame, most Americans are aware that one should never profit from one's loss or misery in losing a home. While the free market is the engine which contributes to America's wealth, it can be considered that responsibility for our fellow citizens in their plight takes precedence over financial rewards.

These recommendations will begin a most needed debate as we focus on solving the foreclosure problem head on. We anticipate real estate values to rise as homeowners no longer fear losing their homes, while neighborhoods are repopulated by the strength of their communities.

While government decided it would be best to bail out business and financial institutions from the greed and incompetence of the current past, it is time for American citizens to wake up and turn the tables on those that have exercised the most pain. Truly, our tax dollars were confiscated to enrich those that have created the most harm. We all know the power players that have benefited most from a 'stimulus' which rarely created employment as its goal. A 'jobless recovery' has become the handiwork of those that have contempt for the aspirations of Americans seeking to lift their lot in life. A day of reckoning has begun in earnest, while the meek, poor and the downtrodden in our society will come to realize that an abundant life beckons.

Thanks Again 


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