July 21st, 2010 8:59 AM

Dear Friends,

There is a time in all of our lives, where weariness begins to endanger our natural optimism we have for ourselves, to overcome obstacles not of our own making. We are made aware of the pain and suffering inflicted by powerful entities, in a desire to control every aspect of our lives. Every day we are confronted and reminded of the wicked cast of characters eager to transform a nation into despondency. The deliberate deception of the American people has numerous consequences.

The direction of a once magnanimous and compassionate nation has begun to unravel, where divisiveness is considered the main temperament in either personal or platonic relationships. This hostile discourse has surrounded and has enveloped our personal space where psychological damage is gradually destroying concepts of independence and individualism many of us have embraced all of our lives. While this sad refrain continues to engulf the soul of its people, we have a generation of Americans embittered with a past which ceases to end in forgiveness. Many of us are subjected to a dialogue where our peace of mind will never be fulfilled. The growth of cruel and wanton personalities, made apparent from dysfunctional, sociopathic and narcissistic backgrounds, have come together in calculated efforts to attack the liberties and values which has sustained a great nation in crisis and throughout its history. The disdain of democratic principals by a powerful triumvirate of government, business and media concerns has reached a higher consciousness of incredulity. Americans are grasping to save their heritage from a cult of miscreants intent on transforming a nation towards discredited ideologies of failed despotic regimes.

As a Cuban-American, or better said, an American born in Cuba, I and many others left our homeland for the United States in the early 1960's. We were just children and I certainly was too young to understand why I had to leave my beloved parents. My older brothers might have had an inclination about the angry bearded man in green fatigues smoking cigars and talking for hours without saying anything. Fidel Castro was his name.

This man's influence continues to torment its inhabitants under a repugnant concept of government on display, censored for the entire world to see. Throughout the many years communism has ushered its poison, I continue to have utter contempt for malcontents either in government, business, media or entertainment seeking to probe the benevolence of a despot and hailing the virtues of a society where the suffering of its population is never mentioned. When we have filmakers describing the 'rewards and benefits' of a health care system similar in scope as that of America's - where delegations of politicians visiting the island are 'overwhelmed' by the civility and the projection of warmth with its leaders - the 'awe inspiring' interviews of a madman by 'presumed' journalists where wisdom is extolled as a virtue bestowed only on those with the power to abuse its citizens - all of these situations are exercises in the destructive elements of censorship hiding as delusion. 

This country is going through a shake up of its own. Goal oriented attempts to impose European concepts where the state controls our entire existence has finally arrived - but not for long! The majority party and its henchmen with the acquiesence of big business and the media have subtly conspired to experiment with the minds of its citizens and the future direction of this nation. I and many true Americans are now compelled to raise our voices to end the scourge of a planned strategy by those powerful elements in our society, seeking the demise of our sovereignty.

My father would always tell me that America is the greatest country on earth. As a young man in Spain, he endured the tyranny of Franco and later in life the abuse of Castro in Cuba. When our entire family was reunited several years later, we were fortunate the torment of that time in our lives was finally behind us. This ordeal has changed us in many ways. Children during this episode suffered the most. I know this to be true. Certainly the sacrifice of those in love with liberty and freedom must never be in vain. 

Not surprisingly, there are Americans willing to have government meet all their needs. It might be a wonderful excursion to not worry about the future as government is poised to direct our lives chapter by chapter, verse by verse.

I remember the pristine beaches of Havana where I played in the sand and reveled at my footprints when the water reached the shore. Now more than 48 years later we are witnessing oil landing on the beaches across the Gulf of Mexico on our Southern states. I truly wonder if this is a metaphor for things to come.


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