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June 10th, 2009 8:53 AM

Dear Friends,

During our nation's 233 year history, we've come across crooks, liars and thieves creating havoc and disarray in the halls of Congress, the Oval Office and in the boardrooms of Wall Street. We've known for centuries the consequences of greed and its collaborative effects which engulf the population at large. However, we are in the throes of a major upheaval in the manner in which the theft of American treasures has occurred and has disrupted our lives.

Since the Autumn of 2008, the systematic attempts by powerful interests to borrow funds from the US Treasury to continue operating a country in financial freefall, has been a colossal success! Unwittingly, the American people have given the control of its future and their children to a hodgepodge trilogy of individuals intent on destroying the basis of democracy as envisioned by the Founding Fathers. The actions of those enthralled with failed economic concepts as we are currently witnessing, will end capitalism as we know it.

Perhaps, I do not portend to have the gift of prophecy, but I do portend to have the gift of common sense. The borrowing and spending mania our government representatives with the dull and anemic complicity of the media has allowed, will bankrupt this country and begin the impending Depression many of us see on the horizon.

In some respects, you are now beginning to notice displeasure with government initiatives as the cloud of invincibility of the new administration is losing its luster. The enormous suffering of our citizens with job losses in the millions, the rise in foreclosures, bankruptcies, homelessness and the misguided attempts by those in power to alleviate our fears has essentially failed. The flawed abusive plans of spending and borrowing at all costs in efforts to manufacture prosperity, has been debunked by any intelligent economist or by any American suffering the painful aftermath of this experimental approach.

Other examples where the powers of incredulity mask their benevolence, is demonstrated by demands in forcing bankruptcy or liquidation of American industries by powerful forces desirous of control. The 'driving efforts' are well noted as the auto industry has now become a ward of the state. The intervention of government in the affairs of Chrysler and General Motors has  usurped the machinations of the free market system by its involvement. The public is reminded that our government has no long term interest in running a car company of the newly labeled 'Government Motors'. We will know soon enough if bureaucrats begin to enjoy delegating design standards and color choices of the newest vehicles to roll out on government assembly lines.   

Socialism never works. Just mentioning the obvious brings chills up my spine. It is a failure for Americans and its elected officials to foster this method of ideology to solve temporary financial problems. History is repeat with disgraced and inept regimes incapable of promoting prosperity for its citizens, as redistribution of wealth creates a society devoid of optimism, creativity and purpose.

During the past year we are understanding the major players in their desire to get their hands on Trillions of our tax dollars. The orderly theft of these funds by our government by packaged legislation approving bail outs and stimulus bills will be no match when the debate for health care reform begins this Summer. One can only surmise where such recklessness is headed.

Once made public, I can recall many years ago during the height of the Watergate scandal when "Deep Throat' suggested to newspaper reporters Woodward and Bernstein to 'follow the money'. In so doing, President Nixon eventually resigned in disgrace in August of 1974. While there might be conflicting parallels to a past event, we too must 'follow the money' as our taxes have been misappropriated in a mastery of incompetence, greed and corruption. Americans face the largest deficit spending ever attempted to subdue special interests in attempts to barter the health of the American economy and the sovereignty of its citizens.

In retrospect it is sad to say, we no longer have in our midst men of integrity and character in government today. The Kennedy brothers, John and Robert come to mind. We also miss the oratory of Martin Luther King to guide and inspire us. As I mentioned in a previous TeamBlog, I pray for a time when genuine and sincere voices are heard in an attempt to end the tumult of disgrace and avarice in government and in business. When the underlining focus of one's life is to 'follow the money' to gain favor wherever it leads, we as a nation will no longer be rewarded with the fruits of our labors. 

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Rising Interest Rates

If you were one of the lucky borrowers able to refinance their mortgage at a 30 year fixed rate of 4.50% or a 15 year fixed rate at 4.25%, my deepest congratulations!For those that have waited for rates to be lower still, the boat has sailed out of the harbor. Unfortunately, we are now seeing gyrations in the bond market where the 10 Year Treasury is experiencing tremendous activity.

The bond market is wary of the rise in deficit spending, gas prices and the upcoming debate of government mandated health reform. These are just a few of the factors which will increase mortgage rates. There is anxiety building among investors that out of control government spending in the Trillions will trigger hyper-inflation. We strongly suggest it best to submit your Refinance or Purchase loan request as quickly as you can, before rates go up again. We are able to lock your loan for 60 days. Remember to check our rates periodically. Please call our office at 323-936-3232 if you have any questions or concerns. 

Susan Is Loved Again!

We were disappointed Susan Boyle came in 2nd place on the television show, 'Britain's Got Talent' last week. Nevertheless, we were overjoyed in Susan's amazing delivery throughout the competition. Her voice is a gift from above and we are truly grateful to be inspired by her countenance. Our prayers are for her ability to overcome the stress of her new found fame. We hope Susan is able to perform her best under the newest strains and pressures of stardom and a career ordained by the Almighty. Susan continues to be an inspiration for us all!

You can view Susan's latest performances on youtube:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BvBkTmDWBA & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjb8eop-Do4

Thanks Again

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