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February 27th, 2013 10:25 PM


Dear Friends,

I'm back from my short excursion in the clouds for a journey that swept me off my feet on Valentine's Day! Romance was not in the cards but longing for a few kind words from friends and acquaintances made the day special. To be recognized and appreciated for my sincere intentions by helping others in their time of need, has become the most meaningful memorial I could ever have imagined. I'm truly grateful!

If you are a regular reader of the TeamBlog, you are aware of my concerns in regards to the financial and emotional health of this nation. While I am one in over 315 million inhabitants of this great country, most of us know deep within our hearts there is an aberration, an unusual cloud which has dulled our senses and has disturbed the natural equilibrium where reason no longer captivates our imagination. Perhaps the chronic crisis of economic extremes has enveloped our peace of mind to such a state, we've become oblivious to the abuses of those we've entrusted for our security.

You might have heard the sky is falling from government officials as our lives will be placed in jeopardy on Friday, March 1st as a disaster of monumental proportions is scheduled to take place. Perhaps if one hears this often enough, you may have the option of taking precautions to alleviate the unraveling of our society or decide to take an aspirin for the headache that is sure to follow. For discerning Americans, all of this is a political device to move opinion contrary to the wishes of government bureaucrats. It's all hogwash!

The oddest name for a budget concept - sequestration - is the vehicle in which we are to believe there are no maneuvers available to lower government expenditures. For the past several years, the government has spent our children's futures by accumulating trillion dollar debts and the desire to continue this trainwreck is at full speed. The locomotive that has churned its engines for the past 5 years, is being fueled by powerful interests seeking to transform this nation towards complete control and dependence on government for one's existence.

The encroachment has begun. We see this in the revamping of the health care system, the intolerance of religious viewpoints involving contraception and abortion and the war of words in attempts to forge legislation by confiscating weapons. While the 2nd Amendment allows the right to bear arms, one must recognize that in order to save your life or your family's by an intruder at your home, a weapon is required in order to defend yourself. It's all common sense and for a law abiding citizen, the Constitution is a living testimonial that allows one's competence to be recognized.

While these trials continue to create distress, there will come a day when we'll sit back and ponder this time in American history. We will come to the painful realization, we can never let these circumstances ever happen to us again.

Thanks Again

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on February 27th, 2013 10:25 PMPost a Comment

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