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February 28th, 2009 12:28 AM

Dear Friends,

Our lives have or will change dramatically in the coming months and for many years to come. We as Americans have taken a bold and unheralded step to solve a temporary financial problem towards permanent and detrimental solutions which will endanger the sovereignty and the freedoms of our children and our grandchildren.

The grandiose capability of Washington lawmakers we've empowered to spend beyond our means, has become a reality in the form of the largest spending bill in US history, the $787 Billion 'Stimulus Bill'. The reckless abandon of common sense entered the drama on the House floor, when the American public became aware that not one Congressman read the entire 1000+ page bill. The 'Bill' was unable to be reviewed by Congress or even the general public as its contents were 'dumped' on the House floor just  hours before its eventual passage. The largess of it all was uneccesary. A basic reading of American history by anyone can provide the simple outlines of legislative measures and principles which worked in the past to alleviate similar economic challenges as those we are facing today.

We can all agree there is a need for a stimulus in order to sustain our economy. Unfortunately, without fully understanding the contents of the legislation and not focusing on genuine efforts in promoting job growth, meaningful tax cuts for small business or a cut in the payroll tax for all workers, the goals desired are circumspect. We are now left wondering if America is being run by a ship of fools masquerading as diplomats in a journey destined to resemble the events suffered by occupants on the Titanic!

The passage of this legislation is an example of an antiquated ideology foreign in concept to all of our values. The malcontents are now thriving and ensconced in Washington and the legislation signed by the President is the embodiment of a forward rush towards socialism. If you've read any of our blogs, you would notice my genuine concern with the direction of this nation. For the past several months the impending control of the federal government in all of our affairs has become painfully obvious. The bail outs of the corporate entities on Wall Street, the monies diverted to collapsing banks, the 'Stimulus Bill' just passed and signed on February 17th by the President and the Trillion dollar federal budget just announced, are all attempts to end the freedoms and rights Americans have sacrificed their entire lives for.

The 'control' of our livelihoods by being beholden to the Federal Government for all of our needs, is the advent of an economic philosophy similar in scope to regimes in Europe. Many Americans from all walks of life and economic classes, will end up seeking public assistance. This is just one of the various consequences of the financial measures devised by those eager to spend our money without scrutiny or 'transparency'. The configuration of the legislation just passed will provide the 'stimulus' in raising federal taxes to pay for these measures. With local and state taxes added in the mix, a tax revolt similar to the Boston Tea Party is destined to occur and perhaps it's just around the corner. Oh, let's remember to add inflation to the equation, as the inevitable consequence of spending money we do not have for things we do not need.

The hand of government intervention in every facet of our lives is the beginning of an Orwellian control unprecedented in the history of America. We are now in 'unchartered territory' where the transformation of basic core values of hard work to better the lot of our families, the strive for independence, the goals of entrepreneurship, the concept of a free market system and the individual ability to dream of financial success, all of these concepts are being challenged by a discordant number of voices unaware or misinformed of the intrinsic values and qualities engineered by the Founding Fathers.

Business is the engine of capitalism and in turn, democracy. By burdening business owners with additional taxes, the likelihood of a haphazard and lethargic recovery is a foregone conclusion. The idea of redistributing wealth for the betterment of the masses is a concept unworthy of consideration for implementation in this country. Just the thought of this occurring during our lifetimes, reminds any intelligent observer, we are indeed living in dangerous times.

With that being said, I must reveal to you that as we pray for the destiny of this country, we must not fear the trials and tribulations we've been forced to witness or cajoled in becoming unwilling participants. Individually, we must take into account our ability to overcome the challenges and concerted attempts by others to impose a philosophy counter to the mainstream of American thought. There will be a time for reckoning and the truth of all matters will be known by everyone soon enough. In the interim, for those suffering a job loss, a foreclosure, a struggle to pay a mortgage or the stress of making ends meet, you are encouraged to seek recommendations of those worthy of your trust and above all else, to seek Divine guidance as the answers to all prayers will eventually be revealed.

We are facing a time in our nations history where we no longer trust anyone. We've come to realize many of the persons we've placed our trust, have disappointed us time and time again. Our lawmakers, those in corporate offices, members of all facets of journalism and the list of active participants in our daily lives reenforce an attitude of melancholy and foreboding. When we hear a chorus of constant crisis and catastrophe to befall America in speeches from those in Washington to move legislation detrimental to our futures, we are bewildered by such attempts counter to the eternal optimism we as a people have known all along. The only advice I can see to counter the daily avalanche of agony befallen many Americans, is to be patient and pray by seeking the guidance and wisdom needed to solve the misery we've unfortunately created for ourselves.             

Thanks Again

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on February 28th, 2009 12:28 AMPost a Comment

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