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September 6th, 2019 12:38 PM

Dear Friends,

Earlier this year, I attended a 'Spiritual Retreat' at St. Monica's Parish. The celebrant was Father Michael Fish. With all confidence, Father Fish has an ability to inspire everyone that he meets, as the substance of his engaging character exudes a divine spirit.

I have attended the last two retreats given at the Parish and I am invigorated by an energy that I have missed over the years. When there is a spiritual presence in your midst, you will know the coordinates of your personality that allows one to embrace the truth in all circumstances. The message Father Fish offers to everyone is a basic reminder that we have the capacity to explore our lives without recriminations when we find our 'inner monk' once we embark on solitude and introspection. The time we spend in our pursuit to understand the substance of our lives, healing will begin. Father Fish is a member of a hermitage in Northern California and his approach in living in solitude is fascinating. I hate to generalize, but for Father Fish to live in a state that is engrossed in secular philosophies and has abandoned principals of one's independence or personal sovereignty, is truly exceptional!

Father Fish's wonderful stories of the times he met other participants during his Camino de Santiago walk in Spain, revealed a spiritual account of synchronicity that was predetermined from above. Before I am called Home, one of my 'Bucket List' goals is to experience the delight of walking with the spirit. By walking for many miles, I will release the chronic stress that has accumulated over time. In so doing, I will be living the life Our Dear Lord has ordained for me.

Please review Father Fish's website below for more detailed information, on a journey to live life to its fullest!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

Father Fish


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