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Dear Friends,

I planned on writing about other subjects dear to my heart, but I've decided to channel Howard Beale and focus on the continuing exasperation that has gripped many Americans. The pursuit of happiness has been mired in a dissolution of basic rights, which has usurped the idyllic concepts in which this Republic was originally formed. From the White House to the halls of Congress to Executive boardrooms on Wall Street to an all encompassing Media complex and in the living rooms of many Americans, the cancer spreads. The loss of integrity, character and substance once embraced by the humble and courageous actions of previous generations, is beginning to fade in today's America. The consequence of this behavior originates from the influence and activities of the powerful, from the top down. When the economy continues to destroy the ability for young Americans to find meaningful employment, when foreclosures and personal bankruptcies never end, the 'American Dream' becomes a fantasy, rarely a reality.

The examples of greed, malice, corruption, dishonesty and incompetence are becoming the true fixtures of communication in a nation losing its ability to function. When we see the head of this government enjoy million dollar vacations several times a year, paid by the work and sweat of countless law abiding taxpayers, there is no shame. When a family is unable to place food on the table or pay the mortgage as a consequence of government policies designed to oppress, the media does its best to ignore the suffering. When an immigration policy allows its borders to have open access by permitting the influx of countless persons without enforcement, the hardship of American born individuals is exacerbated by the loss of jobs, the lowering of wages and the contempt the government has for its own citizens. When there are over 50 Million Americans on food stamps, upwards of 25 Million able bodied adults unemployed or underemployed, when the slashing of the 40 hour work week is mandatory to keep one's business afloat due to the Draconian regulations of a much maligned health care act, one can only agree the unraveling of a society in 5 years time is truly a work in progress. 

The main focus of those in power is to control our entire lives, As I  mentioned in my previous post, there will be additional revelations of government actions that will come to light. We now have learned the government is requesting that internet service providers divulge all pertinent personal information and passwords from account holders. As of today, the privacy we've become accustomed to in years past, no longer exists.

The path towards perdition is inevitable. Individuals that have great power but lack simple wisdom need to take this passage of Scripture to heart.

From Mark 8:36 KJV,

 "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?" 

While Scripture offers true wisdom, I'm deeply saddened that I must use the exasperation of a fictional character in a 1970's motion picture, to illustrate the decline and decay wrought upon this nation by powerful interests in government, business and the media. Peter Finch's portrayal of an anchorman distraught with the circumstances of his life, is a performance of a lifetime!

The burst of emotion comes to life, as viewed on YouTube:


Millennium Faults

If you are a regular reader of the TeamBlog, you have noticed my active participation in offering information concerning the development of 2 skycrapers in Hollywood. From an original plan of the developers for 55 stories for 2 towers, to the agreed upon City Council designation last month of one tower having 35 and the other 39 stories, a permanent decision was made last Wednesday, July 24th.

By a unanimous vote of 13-0, the Los Angeles City Council has decided to support the construction of the Millennium project, over the concerns of local residents and the possibility of an earthquake fault running underneath the construction site. Many in the Hollywood area are frustrated by the inability of the City Council and its newest Mayor to fully grasp the consequences of a project, which will end the character and the personality of its environs.

Additional traffic gridlock, the obfuscation of the Hollywood sign and other landmarks, along with challenges in living in a neighborhood where disruption to one's daily life is continual, are just a few of the problems residents will face. 

Most importantly however, are the earthquake fault concerns which must be addressed before permits are approved. Updated geological reports and a lengthy investigation of the entire project by State officials, needs to be implemented before a final decision to begin digging commences.

For an additional perspective, please check:

Shine On Hollywood

As an advisor to SOH Magazine, I am excited to be a part of the celebration! Shine On Hollywood is celebrating its First Year as an online publication this month! In a previous TeamBlog, I spoke of the admiration I have for Arnold Garcia, the Publisher. His hard work and long hours in developing a magazine of substance, devoid of tabloid content, has contributed to his success. Hollywood is viewed from a different perspective through his wholesome spirit. I invite you to read this month's edition of a magazine that has great promise with its approach towards emerging talent, true stories and technological advances not seen in other publications. I wish Arnold and SOH a great and fulfilling future!

Please view this month's edition:

 Thanks Again

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