March 4th, 2018 3:15 PM

Dear Friends,

America's Pastor was laid to rest last Friday at his memorial library located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Reverend Billy Graham lived a profound and momentous life in which his love for the Lord enthralled his presence, while the guidance and wisdom of the Holy Bible was brought to life for the entire world to embrace through his sermons and crusades. Reverend Graham was a soldier for Jesus, as he traveled the world revealing the truth, and reminding us of the love the Lord has for each and everyone of us.

Many of us throughout the years were honored by his presence, as he was a true and righteous man without blasphemy or indignation. His life is a testament for the goodness one can achieve when the truth permeates throughout the soul and substance of one's character.

I went to one of his last crusades in 2004. I will always remember the enthusiasm and the uplifting spirit of those in attendance at the Rose Bowl, as the environment within the stadium was rich in spirit. The Reverend will be missed. His eternal energy will continue to bless this nation and the entire world as we appreciate in our memories a man that has made a difference on how to live life to its fullest! As long as we live in a fallen and broken world, we need Reverend Billy Graham's dedication, passion and conviction he demonstrated by his reverence for Scripture. The sacrosanct contents of the Holy Bible offers us the understanding and the ability to be enriched by the everlasting life that truly exists. Heaven is just around the corner!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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