April 26th, 2011 3:44 PM

Dear Friends,

This past Easter weekend was truly one of the most moving and rewarding times I have ever spent in embracing the spirit and meaning of life! The activities of faith I was privileged to participate and enjoy, has lifted my natural optimism towards an ebullience I have not experienced in many years. I am happy today knowing full well that others like myself have been enlightened by the restoration of our hopes and dreams.

While many of us are witnessing the unraveling of America before our very eyes, we only need to remind ourselves there have been times where such an occurrence elevated the courageous to overcome the desires of evil stewards. We see the destruction of an American way of life where a powerful triumvirate of government, business and the media, have unwittingly conspired to impose a transformation of elite dogma where none has ever existed.

We see their hatred and the ruminations of divisiveness as a promotion of foreign concepts in basic democratic values and the imposition of religious orthodoxy contrary to Judeo-Christian tenets. The exercise to dismantle the principles of freedom and liberty established since the origination of this republic, has become a mantra and the elixir of those currently in power.  

Those of us that have been blessed by the God given ability of discernment, understand the road to perdition in which America finds itself. While our faith sustains us during this grievous and dark chapter in American history, the light at the end of the tunnel has not been extinguished. 


Mortgage Rates & The 'Last Sale'

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 The Governor Has Arrived - Economics 101

In life, all adults have an important role to play. There is an inherent responsibility to carry out our duties the best way we know how. Whether to provide food and shelter for our loved ones by working long hours or to embrace values which envelops respect among our families and our peers, we are thus able to develop cohesive unions with members of our community. Any individual elected to public office has a fiduciary duty to ascertain the best course of action to alleviate the suffering of its constituents by solving and promoting solutions worthy of methodical consideration.

While the State of California is embroiled in a chronic financial mess where billion dollar deficits are common place, the powerful members entrusted to resolve this problem must come to an understanding. This realization is basic and simple.

There are those who believe the implementation of new taxes is the recommended path for government to end the hemorrhage of uncontrollable deficits. To resolve the financial health of California by implementing additional tax burdens on its citizens as the first course of action, this can be considered an inept method to resolve economic problems. The consequences of such an action has deleterious harmful effects. By raising taxes, the government is diluting one's income where purchases of merchandise or big ticket items, which ultimately help stimulate the economy, would be delayed or abandoned altogether. One must keep in mind, the more purchases a household is willing to make fuels the economic engine and in turn, increases tax revenues so the government and its municipalities can pay their infrastructure obligations. Notwithstanding, the expansion of businesses large or small throughout the state could only occur, once employers have the confidence to hire new workers from the actions or the commitments the government is willing to make. As of today, this realization has not been consummated.

In my next installment, I will delve into the social issues which are preventing California from offering common sense solutions as required, to solve the impending financial disaster many speculate is on the horizon.

Thanks Again


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