February 10th, 2019 5:50 PM

Dear Friends,

Many Americans and I included, were anxious to view the State of the Union speech given by the President last week. I was truly fascinated by the presentation, as the truth in all subjects were revealed for the entire nation to absorb on practical and intellectual levels. The individuals that were personally invited to attend by the Chief Executive were chosen for their bravery and courage under the most challenging circumstances. The vast audience were also reminded of the pain, suffering and sacrifice this group of Americans have experienced, for their love of this great nation. Many discerning citizens throughout the country, came to the realization and understood that evil exists in various geographical locations around the world and within our communities. The mental deficiency and disorders embraced and revealed by a political party and their leftist counterparts, has a majority of the population in distress.

My beloved mother was a pediatric nurse in Havana, Cuba many years ago. We would have conversations of the children she was able to help, through an unfailing love for the youngsters in her care before the Revolution. After a despotic, communist regime came to power in 1959, a gradual change developed in which the supervision and the quality of medical care was either below acceptable standards of medicine or abandoned altogether. She was saddened by this contemptible approach, as her hospital peers began to choose their allegiance to support the communist regime in power. Repercussions from these circumstances occurred years later. My mother at this time was pregnant and visited a Doctor to review her overall health before delivery. The Doctor was a communist and he was aware of my mother's disdain for the current political situation. This man singlehandedly did everything imaginable to destroy the fetus, and he was successful. I will not reveal the graphic nature in which this Doctor performed his actions. Nonetheless, shortly after, my mother suffered a miscarriage. I would have had a younger sister, as I have two older brothers. Evil permeates all societies, even 90 miles south of the Florida Keys.

We now have a Democratic Governor of Virginia, espousing the virtues of infanticide. We also have several states pursuing this method where health care professionals are allowed to perform abortions up to the time of birth. I remember viewing the tremendous applause by the legislature of the State of New York, when this concept in killing was legalized. We also have a Democratic Governor of the same state, a presumed Roman Catholic, enthused by the victorious ascension of iniquitous displays of logic that dismantles the moral essence of Judeo-Christian values.

 Who are these people in our midst? Are the inhabitants of Virginia, New York or other states contemplating this manner of degradation lost their ability to fathom the consequences? I'm confounded. How is it possible for those eager to destroy life at conception or after birth, to nurture and love their families, especially if they have their own children?  The dichotomy is obvious. Do these people have any idea how to love? From a distance, are compassionate discerning Americans witnessing the mental deficiencies of the human spirit by this repugnant undertaking in revulsion?

There are many questions that need to be answered. It is unfortunate there is a powerful and devoted group of Americans fomenting their desires, while this nation is gradually forfeiting its ability to find the courage to end the abuse of the human condition.

On another topic mentioned in the State of the Union address, the rise in the acceptance of socialism by the Democratic Party and its cohorts, is another concept that will cause great harm to all Americans that love liberty and freedom. The leftists are eager to dismantle our way of life by their incessant demands to have government control of everything that we do in our lives. In an upcoming post, I will discuss the ramifications that socialism offers. I should know, as I was born in Cuba and I'm a proud American!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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