November 2nd, 2014 6:18 AM

Dear Friends,
Every 2 years Americans have a date with destiny on the 1st Tuesday in November. This is the day Americans cast their ballots for individuals chosen to represent our interests, along with various propositions that we hope will enhance our communities.
While this is a Mid-Term Election in which a choice for President will not be decided, this Election is noteworthy. The control of the US Senate is at stake, as Republicans believe their candidates are viewed favorably compared to Democrats. The policies of the current head of this government has been viewed unfavorably, and the votes cast on this day will logically reflect these assertions.
This Election Night, many concerned Americans will sit in front of their televisions or their computers to see vote totals from across the nation. There is a sense of anticipation to see the support of a favorite candidate pull ahead from challengers. Similar thoughts are likely, once a proposition is approved or is defeated by a large percentage of voters.

Election night has been a ritual of sorts in our household for many years.
I remember viewing the General Election results for the first time in 1968 on the Magnavox color TV my parents purchased, a few months before. Landslides in 1972, 1980 and 1984 were decisive and you knew the direction of this country was determined without doubts or hesitance. I will always remember the 2000 General Election as it was full of drama, not knowing who would be the next President, until weeks later.

As Americans, we have a responsibility to vote so that our decisions made at the ballot box are known to everyone. As is my custom, I will vote on Tuesday, November 4th by 8:00 AM and have breakfast at one of my favorite diners afterwards. I have always appreciated the ability to voice my opinions in a manner that respects the sacrifice of those that have lost their lives for our freedoms. To vote intelligently by knowing the candidates history and their views on various issues is a necessity. To find the time once every 2 years to cast a ballot in this manner, is not considered an inconvenience but an honor.
This Election is truly important, as the direction of a nation that has suffered so much, must finally decide to end its misery once and for all. The erstwhile refrain of 'throw the bums out' has finally arrived, as many Americans will now join the chorus in unison by their votes.
Many Americans will see their lives change from the decisions made on Election Day.
Whatever the outcome. we hope and pray that God will continue to bless America.

Thanks Again

Huntley-Brinkley NBC 1968 Election Coverage
Walter Cronkite CBS 1968 Election Coverage
Dan Rather CBS 2000 Election Coverage

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