November 7th, 2018 12:01 PM

Dear Friends,

America has made its decision on how its citizens are to be governed for the next two years. The Democratic Party has won control of the House of Representatives while the Republican Party has retained its majority in the Senate. In my last post, I mentioned there must be a distinctive quality in regards to one's personality and the substance of one's character, for anyone that seeks to represent the electorate in government. From a distance, I am not reassured there will be a sense of bipartisanship in the coming years, as the chronic, hateful and misleading verbiage and violent demonstrations that has represented a political party, cannot be collectively eliminated in a few short hours. There will be scheduled investigations or impeachment proceedings of the current government administration by the Democratic House next year. A partisan concerted effort to destroy all the encouraging advances in the economy and policies that have assisted Americans, have been revealed by speeches eager to force socialism as a concept to be accepted. As an American born in Communist Cuba, I've witnessed and endured the evil that destroys families, kills its dissidents and ends the various freedoms required to live without oppression. Socialism never works.

My predictions for the Republican Party to maintain its majority in the House was in error. I'm disappointed, as I was personally compelled to prognosticate a victorious course, as its members have assisted Americans by policies that were logical and infused with reason. While we can do our best to ascertain the conditions that transpired on Election Day, the various forces that were victorious must understand there will be an uprising of discerning Americans if there are excesses in their legislative prowess to seek revenge.

Will Healing Begin?

The prayers for the peace this country needs - can start today. I am not a clairvoyant, but I do visualize the Mid Term Election results as a prerequisite of events that will provide the enlightened spirit this nation will uncover, leading to the 2020 General Election. Never be discouraged, even though the conduct of others is reprehensible, as the wisdom of the American electorate that was alive in the General Election of 2016 - will resurrect again in 2020. To persevere under the most disconcerting circumstances, will be rewarded at a predetermined time. Patience is a virtue best known for those in wise company.

On A Personal Level

This will be my last blog devoted to political issues for some time. I sincerely believe I have done my best to provide an avenue in which the truth was recognized and revealed in the posts I've written for you - our faithful patrons. The Good Lord has directed that I conquer other subjects, which can contribute towards a society that requires one's wholesome enjoyment and peace of mind.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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