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October 19th, 2018 2:45 PM

Dear Friends,

Many Americans like myself, are truly distraught with the unrelenting display of hatred that has transpired throughout all aspects of our society. Since the 2016 General Election, the Democratic Party along with their leftist, socialist inspired supporters in all dimensions of influence and authority, have shown a despicable contempt for the American people. These malcontents are advocating an unprincipled discordance, designed to intimidate and create distress on discerning and law abiding citizens to vote for their candidates in the Mid Term Elections. These attempts to force the opposition to defend and endorse policies of ineptitude and derision, is an offensive display by individuals that have acquired a disgruntled approach to their lives, and have succumbed to mental disorders due to their ongoing failures within the substance of their character.

I have pity for these people, and I do offer sincere prayers for their healing from past or current challenges that have assaulted their embrace of living in harmony with their neighbors. The most powerful approach to help end the violent outbursts we've noticed in conduct that is unbecoming a congenial adult - is to pray for their redemption. The power of prayer is without question, the most effective method to decimate the control of a nefarious presence that has engineered a continuous conflict in those that are afflicted with this malady.

As is my custom, every so often, I take the time to read Scripture passages before resting for the night. Throughout the Holy Bible you can find a genuine reassurance by various personalities - that we must not worry or be afraid during the course of a tumultuous event in our lives. 

 'Do not be afraid' has been mentioned in Scripture numerous times. My only advise for Americans, is to cast your ballot for individuals that espouse specific plans to promote peace and prosperity. As an Independent, I can safely say the Republicans at this time in American history, is the only political party that has the capacity to offer abundance and security. While the Dear Lord is in control of all things, my intuition abounds with a recognition the American people deployed their vast wisdom at the ballot box during the 2016 General Election. Do not be intimidated or be fearful when a similar outcome transpires, as your courageous and ethical pursuit in doing the right thing becomes known on Election Night.

Hope will spring eternal on Tuesday, November 6th.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on October 19th, 2018 2:45 PMPost a Comment

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