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Dear Friends,

I rarely suffer from headaches. There was a time however as a youngster, I had an affliction that created an imbalance, but through the passage of time and the powerful healing aspects of prayer, I was cured of this ailment. Nowadays, when I witness the chronic mental disorders of personalities that have conspired to destroy this country by incongruous attempts devoid of reason, I begin to encounter a mild twinge of hypertension. I am able to end the discomfort, as I surreptitiously block attempts to be held hostage when I ignore all vestiges of one's infested logic, by my willingness to end any association of dissipation allowed to multiply on the internet or other modes of communication by the main street media. I am content to have made the decision years ago to not own a television, as the chronic disintegration of the human condition has allowed the entire world to be desensitized for all ages to observe. Violence, child abuse and the moral repugnance of leftist agents continues its exploitation of the human spirit, through television, motion pictures, radio and music in varying degrees.

This entire backdrop has America encountering an elevation of mental disorders that has been dormant for many years. Unfortunately, the rise in the inability to discern the truth has made all powerful entities complicit in their shrewd attempts to influence the sensitivities of specific demographic generations in this country, towards the acceptance of socialism.

When the 'Millennial' generation believes socialism is the solution to resolve the various problems America confronts on a daily basis, there are several culprits that have conspired in this torment. The educational system, along with the main street media and their maladroit supporters that encompass the forcible and direct influence of the 'Baby Boomers' post World War II generation, has infiltrated the psyche of the population with diatribes denouncing the Constitution and the internal mechanism of capitalism and governance of a democratic republic. When a 29 year old freshman Congresswoman from New York is heralded for her socialist agenda by the media and members of her political party, the danger in her inept and foolish affirmations of governance is revealing. Since the 2018 Mid Term Election results in November, the Democratic Party has divulged their deep destructive aspects of socialist ideology. The American people are receiving an education on how this collective group of congressional members determines legislative priorities and the extent of their cognitive dissonance malady.

Briefly, when it is attributed by reliable sources that the Democratic Party has shown an acceptance of the following policies, the country we have known since its inception, will no longer exist.

1. Socialist Ideology as the remedy for resolving America's challenges.

2. Infanticide. This method in ending life, has been given a favorable response by Party officeholders in Local, State and Federal jurisdictions.

3. Open Borders that allows anyone to cross the country illegally. The proliferation of drugs entering the US, the plague of human trafficking, the influx of gang members and the release of aliens within the population due to the overwhelming overflow at detention centers seeking to enter the US illegally, is a genuine crisis. This situation has elevated the rise of crime and murders throughout the country. For anyone to state these circumstances is a 'manufactured crisis', this dangerous sentiment empowers the ignorance of those unable or unwilling to witness the obvious. Notwithstanding, the longer this situation continues without a solution, the remedy of 'amnesty' will indeed be debated and proposed to establish a rise in leftist political power. On cynical and ironic levels, this 'manufactured crisis' was indeed planned and arranged by leftist political forces. 

4. Sanctuary Cities and States.  The rise of crime, poverty and the loss of law and order devastates the communities that have adopted this method of governance.

5. The 'Green New Deal' offers total control of all aspects of life, the elimination of various forms of transportation, the rise of corporate tax rates up to 90% of income, the complete mandatory renovation of all dwellings, the dismantling of the free market system, the elimination in the use of fossil fuels, the extermination of cows due to its flatulence, and the prophetic end of life in 12 years, among other exploits. (An upcoming post will review the main specifics of this proposal)

6. The inability to accept the conclusions of the Special Counsel Report in regards to the Russian Collusion controversy. The 'holdovers' of the previous government administration devised a 'silent coup' to thwart the desires of Americans at the ballot box, by denying their choice of a duly elected President. The consequences continue to unravel America's trust in government institutions, and the bureaucrats employed to oversee its functions to serve and protect the nation.

7. The Right To Bear Arms. We must read and comprehend the Second Amendment of the Constitution, as it will provide the true basis for its inclusion, as a right to maintain one's freedom.

8. Anti-Semitism. It must truly sadden everyone.

9. The approach to implement Single Payer Health Care by adopting Medicare For All is a concept that will ruin the overall quality of care. Government intervention will gradually destroy America's ability to choose health care plans or one's physician. The rationing and the prohibitive cost of care a patient receives will depend on the number of health care professionals employed in a given community. The decline in Doctors due to the grave loss of income is another concern.

While the aforementioned are just a few of the concerns Americans have, leftist activists are eager to change the Constitution by proposing the following amendments:

1, Lower the Voting Age from 18 to 16 Years of Age. This will allow youngsters the ability to vote for candidates that promise everything for free.

2. The Electoral College. The inability of the Democratic nominee to be victorious in the 2016 General Election has catapulted this issue, as the candidate won the overall popular vote but lost the election in the Electoral College. The Founding Fathers truly believed it would be best to have the Electoral College, as it allowed the States with minimal amount of citizens to have equal say in the selection of the future President. America has 50 states. Justice would not be served if California, New York or other states with voluminous populations, were the only territories that had the power to elect the Chief Executive. The Constitution is a sacrosanct document. Its repeal or desecration by leftist ideology is detrimental to our liberty and freedom.

3. The Supreme Court. President Roosevelt many years ago proposed the number of Justices in the Court to be expanded. This 'Court Packing' was an attempt to appoint additional members that had similar philosophical opinions, so all policies he proposed would be accepted by like minded Justices. It was recently reported that a plan to have up to 15 Justices would be beneficial, to end the inability of the current President to appoint another Conservative Justice to the Supreme Court.

I'm not registered as a Republican nor a Democrat. As an Independent, many of my peers are viewing these situations as endeavors to transform America towards a socialist confederation. As a naturalized American born in Cuba, our family and countless refugees did not sacrifice escaping from a Communist country to live in a Socialist nation only 90 miles from Florida. We fled Cuba legally and willingly assimilated in the community we called Home.

The results of the 2018 Mid Term Election can be considered a painful 'blessing in disguise'. The American people are now understanding the true nature of a political party and its plans to revoke the Constitution through its most recent revelations. In order to survive this onslaught for another 2 years, it's best to pray and ask the Lord for His guidance and Divine Intervention to end this madness.

 May God in His infinite wisdom, continue to bless the United States of America. 

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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