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January 3rd, 2020 12:27 PM

Dear Friends,

Throughout human history the conflicting struggle of good against evil has tormented the plight of those seeking justice and the fulfillment of a lasting Peace. In my last post I was compelled to expound on my thoughts in regards to wishing those a Happy New Year, which in essence is a greeting for Peace On Earth. Just a few days after the cheers and the optimism many in the world believed would occur, the force of demons staged its presence, once again in the Middle East. The American Embassy was the target of the storm in Baghdad. The imbedded hatred for a nation and its people by a government culture unable and unwilling to lay down their incongruent beliefs, continues.

The United States under its Chief Executive and the Military, acted to end the source of evil by the elimination of an Iran General, noted for his delight in killing Americans and disrupting the Peace of other nations. I would surmise, his vow for the denigration of the human condition was paramount, as Satan controlled his movements. He was in Baghdad to implement nefarious deeds. The quick response by the US Government to end the hostilities and save the lives of Americans in danger, changed the course of understanding viewed by our enemies on how to proceed by the exertion of American power and ultimate influence. 

US history in the region has been fraught with danger. In 1979 a hostage crisis occurred at the American Embassy in Tehran -  the American Embassy in Benghazi was ambushed in 2011 -  the American Embassy was attacked in Baghdad just a few days ago. This time, after years of US Government appeasement towards Iran - by ignoring the danger attributed to a powerful regime via its General and the payment of over $150 Billion USD to placate the minds of leftist advocates in their attempts to end the production of nuclear weapons - the United States acted by eliminating a main source of depravity.

 The proliferation of nuclear weapons by radical despotic regimes is a major concern. The lives of Peace loving nations around the world are in danger, when Iranian government officials pursue the destruction of individuals by their incessant quest for the acquisition of nuclear weapons. As I've noted on numerous occasions, we live in dangerous times. Evil must be confronted and eradicated around the world. Unfortunately, evil has permeated in America as we have individuals and entities that have an oblivious understanding on how life is to be lived.

Never be discouraged - as the light in our world will truly overcome the darkness.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on January 3rd, 2020 12:27 PMPost a Comment

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