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Dear Friends,

One of the best ways to live in a world laden with financial anxiety is to have no debts. This is the greatest reward for anyone unable to cope with the chronic headache of calls from bill collectors or the dread of making ends meet by living  paycheck to paycheck with no end in sight. 

There has to be a time that one must take the bull by the horns and begin the transformation for control of one's destiny. The elimination of debt is the greatest goal one can achieve, to gain the peace of mind all of us are meant to enjoy.

What is an average American to do? How are we to end the burdens and struggles of foreclosure, the loss of employment or the pain in witnessing a family unable to have a nourishing meal. In order to alleviate these scenarios, one must begin the process to stop the flow of negativity caused by the volume of debt. These circumstances can cause depression and can overwhelm one with a sense of foreboding and despair. It's easier said than done to lift one's mood and display optimism when you're in the middle of a firestorm. Even though this may be a temporary chapter in life, one's character in overcoming these obstacles will be displayed for all to notice.

How does one person end this cycle of debt? The simple answer is not to spend frivolously and save as much money as you can. There are numerous stories of Americans during the Great Depression forced to remedy their situation by such actions. However in 2009, we do have options in shaping our futures so our financial health can begin its path towards redemption. The 31 simple and at times challenging suggestions mentioned below will help you save money. The big challenge is to not spend the money you'll be saving.

1. Refinance your home to a lower mortgage rate or apply for a loan modification

2. Begin saving money by not using your credit cards and paying your bill down to a 0 balance.

3. Shop differently. Purchase generic brands at the supermarket.

4. Buy groceries in bulk.

5. Clip coupons.

6. Rent DVD's for the latest films instead of going to the cinema.

7. Use less gas. Do not drive as often.

8. When using your vehicle, plan your trips wisely.

9. End magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Go to the library instead. It's free.

10. Review your auto and hazard insurance policies. Check other companies rates and switch if their premiums are lower.

11. Cook at home. Less outings at restaurants.

12. Stay close to home. Travel less.

13. Purchase clothing at outlets or second hand clothing stores.

14. Lower your dry-cleaning bills by ironing more. 

15. Eat moderately. If you're overweight now is a good time to diet by drinking more water and exercising.

16. Sell items you no longer need. Have a garage sale or sell on EBAY.

17. Make your own coffee. There's no need to spend $4 bucks for a cup of coffee.

18. Downsize. You might trade in your gas guzzler for a hybrid vehicle.

19. Rent a room in your home to a college student for extra money.

20. Less television viewing. End your cable subscription.

21. Devise a scheme in which you spend no more than $10 a day.

22. Contact your accountant to see if there are additional deductions that can be made on your tax returns. You can also seek a second opinion from another tax preparer by reviewing your returns.

23. You might want to review your current property taxes as your house might have been reassessed to a lower appraised value. This would lower your property taxes and can save you hundreds of dollars.

24. Mow your lawn. You might save money by doing this yourself and giving your gardener a short break.

25. Begin a babysitting service at your home.

26. Review the internet for suggestions on building a new business. Be careful, ask questions and procure testimonials from those that have been involved in the business you are exploring.

27. Save money by washing your own car. Curtail trips to the carwash.

28. Your housekeeper. To let go of a housekeeper is excruciating for many as this person has become an active and loving member of your family. You must weigh this decision with a heavy heart. You will know what to do. Seek the Lord's guidance. You might not need to dismiss your devoted housekeeper after all. 

29. Use air conditioning sparingly to cut costs. Use fans.

30. Lower your thermostat. Sleep with an extra blanket.

31. Saving the best for last - Tithe. The good Lord will help you overcome all of your financial problems if you begin rewarding Him 10% of your income. This spiritual method works!

Being frugal can provide the 'stimulus' plan you need to cut costs across the board. Also keep in mind there are persons in your daily life that will be affected from your heads on approach. You are the only person that knows if you can let go of your gardener, housekeeper or babysitter without invoking harm on them or their families by a decrease in their income. Seek prayer for guidance.

You might have additional suggestions for our readers. Please send them our way & we will include them in an upcoming TeamBlog. Please email to: Thanks!

Chrysler Bankruptcy

I was disheartened to know that Chrysler filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday. There will be plant closures and many auto workers will lose their jobs as a result. This is a sad day for Americans and my beloved state of Michigan, where I have members of my family and friends from college days living in an environment of loss. Many of their neighbors have lost hope and are disillusioned with their futures. This despair is heartfelt and is a tremendous burden for anyone facing these circumstances.

In previous TeamBlogs I wrote about my support in providing Chrysler and GM the loans required to stave off the event of bankruptcy. Unfortunately, my prayers and the prayers of our nation were not answered. It is assumed that Chrysler will be restored as a healthy and thriving auto manufacturer once again. God willing, this Resurrection from the ashes will begin a new chapter in the evolution of the auto industry. Truly, the purchase of an American made vehicle is the product which will help end the agony of unemployment for many auto workers. Let's commit ourselves to purchase or lease an American car today. My next car purchase as I mentioned in a previous TeamBlog, will undoubtedly be American!


TeamNews is the newest addition to our TeamBlog. This section will be devoted in exploring national events, government concerns, politics and other issues which are of concern to Californians and all Americans. This week, an exploration of the Swine Flu epidemic and the actions or inaction of government in safeguarding the health of Americans is our main focus.

TeamHealth/Swine Flu

Ever since Americans were made aware there was an outbreak of Swine Flu in Mexico recently, US Government officials have provided recommendations in order to alleviate our fears. Our hands have the capacity to spread the flu. We are told to wash our hands and place our hands over our mouth if we cough or sneeze in public. These actions are simple to understand. Adults and children can comprehend these basic concepts. Unfortunately, common sense is no longer flourishing within the confines of our government and its officials.

We all know the deadly outbreak of this flu originated in Mexico. In order to isolate the germ from spreading to the US, the logical approach is to close the Southern border. Moreover, all roundtrip flights from the US to Mexico and vice versa should be suspended until such time both countries agree it is safe for travel to resume. Unfortunately, our government believes the 'horse has left the barn' and it's unneccesary to close the barn door. This analogy does not provide the reassurance Americans need in knowing our government is up to the job and in control of the current situation.

On the 'Today Show' Thursday morning, Vice-President Joe Biden mentioned his concerns and the advice he would give his family. He advised to stay away from the confines of an airplane or a subway as the flu can spread and manifest in close quarters.

During the Presidential Election Campaign last year Mr. Biden was prone to gaffes in his desire to communicate with the American electorate. However on this occasion he was lucid and was later derided for remarks he gave that told the truth. Of all the members of this newly formed government, the Vice-President should be commended for voicing his concerns. Attempts to ridicule his candid thoughts by the media and government officials, gives the American citizen 'food for thought'. We will know soon enough if the Vice-President gave us common sense advice. Please see the attached interview:

The safeguarding of American lives is the utmost responsibility of government. We are now becoming aware of the massive spread of this pathogen throughout the country. The harm can be contained. God willing, we pray the outbreak does not reach a LEVEL 6.

Mortgage Rates

Now that the economy shows signs of life, interest rates are starting to inch up again. Currently, MoneyTeam is offering 4.75% on a 30 Year Conforming Fixed Rate Loan. For a 15 Year Loan the rate is 4.375%. Both loans are at 1 Point. We recommend you lock in your loan before rates go up again. Please call our office if you have any questions or concerns at 323-936-3232.

Thanks Again 




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