March 12th, 2018 3:35 PM

Dear Friends,

I was in Hollywood yesterday and on my way to church, I noticed an elderly barefoot woman crossing the street with luggage on strollers. She did her best in maintaining her balance, as other belongings she was carrying were too bulky. Her final destination was not known to me and I surmise for many of the homeless throughout Los Angeles, this circumstance is a reflection of the tragic consequences of an environment that has lost its compassion. It has been reported by credible journalistic sources, there are over 58,000 individuals living on the street. The afflicted downtrodden of this community are suffering from various ailments and conditions that have created a rise in the homeless population, in a city where the depths of hypocrisy knows no bounds. 

America's culture has been in decline and the consequences of decisions made in haste or by design by authority figures has increased the pain, suffering and misery for Americans unable to withstand the constant stress of their current conditions. There are several entities that are known to display a fascination with discredited ideologies.

When anyone of humble temperament is deluged with entertainment celebrities eager to showcase their multi million dollar earnings by portraying characters a child could easily mimic, an affliction of one's character is prevalent. Just the other day the Oscar telecast earned the lowest television viewership in its history. Other award shows have seen a dramatic decline in its ratings. The American people are no longer fascinated by a delusion of narcissism and arrogance in which dishonesty is the main catalyst for an industry's existence. I hate to generalize, but when we hear proclamations of sexual.abuse in which the 'casting couch' is the basis for advancement in securing a prized role in a motion picture, the damage in attending the cinema continues its disruption. Why would someone contribute and/or reward their hard earned monies to view a production orchestrated by a producer involved in moral or ethical crimes? Moreover, the unorthodox radical political leanings of the entertainment industry has created a vast appropriation of misguided scripts that allow and enforce prurient and valueless depictions of the human condition. Concurrently, comedy is without humor and no longer considered a friendly diversion from the incessant political proclamations of mentally challenged sycophants. Late night television has lost its profundity as a friendly escape from incongruity.

When local and state government authorities are unwilling to end detrimental and vicious doctrines that sustain the pain and suffering of those left behind by their actions, a rise in one's misery will continue. When the main street media continues to harbor its bias in support of a progressive narrative in every aspect of one's life, the damage to a nation's character and personality develops and the decimation of a once cherished culture is evident. There's no need for anyone to have a degree in Political Science to understand the shock and dismay of what we must witness every day on our streets. You might have heard about the plight of those living in San Francisco, where a tourist or a resident must use an app on their phone to navigate the streets to avoid stepping on human excrement.

When America has several haphazard powerful forces in control, the homeless population can be considered a direct result of the decay within our communities. Notwithstanding, Americans have unwittingly allowed the suffering of our fellow neighbors. While this may be a harsh statement to convey, Americans have come to realize the dysfunctional personalities of powerful entities, in their pursuit of ultimate control in every aspect of one's life. The homeless have become the victims. There are solutions to end the scorn we witness and I'll be addressing them in a future post. Unfortunately, the State of California has become the test pattern of societal disintegration.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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