July 20th, 2018 2:54 PM

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During the 1960's, there was a television show by the name of THE FBI. This program was one of my favorite dramas, as I was truly fascinated by the plots in which the main character with the assistance of his loyal detectives, were able to capture the villains of the day. The program was on air from 1965 through 1974. Talented actor Efrem Zimbalist Jr, a man of great Spiritual Faith, portrayed Inspector Lewis Erskine. Through his direct involvement, he was able to pursue the calling of a law enforcement officer by apprehending dangerous criminals from our communities. Justice prevailed when the rule of law was vigorously enforced by the dedication of those in the Bureau.

As a teenager so many years ago, this TV show became my first impression of the FBI. The theme music alone, brings me goose bumps every time I hear it. Unfortunately throughout the years, Americans were made aware of Director J Edgar Hoover's various exploits, along with disparate clandestine government involvement in scandals that were gradually revealed by the passage of time. This past week, many discerning Americans were reminded once again that one's confidence and trust in government institutions can be considered a haphazard concept. The testimony of the main inspector in the investigation of the former Secretary of State's questionable activities and the alleged collusion by the Republican candidate's campaign with the Russians to alter the 2016 General Election, were divulged by texts that focused on a political bias against the current President. For an entire day we witnessed a contrived performance worthy of recognition for its debasement of the truth. Consequently, the character of this agent and other Congressional inquisitors have been diagnosed with an affliction, in which cognitive disintegration has infiltrated their mental faculties. When a Congressman recommends a Purple Heart for the misleading responses given by a higher echelon agent of the FBI, one's unbelief of this indignity is overwhelming! Men and women have lost their lives in saving their countrymen in battle. To compare this travesty of interrogation where members of an opposition political party offered support for actions contrary to the rule of law and its profession for the sacrifice of those that love this country - is truly offensive. From all the news we've heard, this agent has used his power and influence to mislead and to promote an account that obfuscates the truth due to political bias revealed by numerous text messages with another agent throughout his investigations. 

There is corruption in the Department of Justice and the FBI. Any rational and intelligent American has come to this conclusion. While we are confident that rank and file members of these institutions are eager in their commitment to uphold the Constitution and are engaged in the preservation of law and order, this chapter in non enforcement and the disrespect of the Constitution will eventually come to an end, as the truth continues to be revealed.

 America needs to know there are many Inspector Erskine's that love America and are employed at the Department of Justice and the FBI.

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