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August 9th, 2009 12:16 AM

Dear Friends,

Last Monday my thoughts were on cooking a wonderful meal for dinner as I wanted to be involved in an activity which I consider to be an energetic 'divertissement' from the daily stresses of the workplace.

As a single man, I cook for myself on most occasions. There are rare times that I do cook for others but I always remember those occasions fondly. I must say that unabashedly, I consider myself a great cook! Even though I might scare my friends away by adding garlic, onions, paprika, pepper and creole seasonings to many of my dinner preparations, the aroma throughout the kitchen and my home is truly the handiwork of a Master Chef, if I say so myself! By all accounts the flavor of my creations, whether its 'arroz con pollo', 'ropa vieja', 'chile con carne', 'jambalaya', 'empanadas' or 'paella', are all inspiring mouth watering examples of succulence unbeknownst and reserved for a select few! Most importantly, I am truly content to have the recipes and the abilities in transferring the effects of Spanish and Cuban cuisine as a passionate offering for others. My intense desire for cooking today, is a result of my parents love and devotion for a meal to be remembered and heartily enjoyed. My mother's cooking in particular, will always be remembered by our family as truly Heaven on Earth!

If you've ever met me, you would know that I love to eat good quality meals and I have a penchant for dining at fancy restaurants throughout Los Angeles. I am a robust and portly fellow and inappropriately self-indulgent in culinary matters. I do have shortcomings as I seek 'comfort food' to assuage the vitriol and the stressful excesses at work. There are times I have dinner late in the evening which is universally not recommended for those with waistlines such as mine. My waistline has become a tribute to my indulgence, inasmuch as discovering and satisfying a vigorous pursuit for a palate worthy to be avidly consumed!

 In Pursuit Of A Good Meal

Here's a photograph of Yours Truly in front of Tapawingo Restaurant during the Fall of 2007. Tapawingo is located in Ellsworth, Michigan. When I dined with my friends at Tapawingo, the food preparation was truly exquisite and was an adventure unmatched even to this day! Unfortunately, due to the economy, the restaurant closed their doors last year. You can still check their website: http://www.tapawingo.net/. I'm fortunate however, to have wonderful memories of my visit during a delightful Fall day in the most beautiful area of Northwest Michigan.

Julia Child Lives Again!

Yesterday I went to see the film 'Julie & Julia'. This movie is about the early years in which Julia Child begins her sincere devotion to French cooking resulting in the publication of her superb book, 'Mastering The Art Of French Cooking' in 1961. Concurrently, the viewer meets Julie in 2002, a young woman eager to instill meaning in her life by immersing herself in preparing all of the voluminous recipes written in Julia's book via a daily blog within a year's time.

I must say Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and the entire supporting cast were fun to watch and I thoroughly enjoyed this film immensely! Meryl Streep is one of my favorite actresses and her portrayal of Julia Child was invigorating! Her uncanny performance was a thrilling revelation, so much so, you would have sworn Julia was playing the role in the film herself! 


Cooked Books?

In other serious matters however, we turn to the latest July unemployment figures. On Friday the government reported there was a slight drop of 1% in nationwide unemployment from 9.5% to 9.4%. The Department Of Labor asks participating households basic questions to formulate the statistics Americans come to know every month about the number of workers in the population.

The Labor Department will ask if you have a job. If you are looking for a job and do not have one, you are considered to be unemployed. We also need to recognize the figures provided do not include persons that have decided to end their quest for employment by dropping out all together. These persons are no longer mentioned in the Labor Department unemployment figures. Essentially, a small drop of 0.1% can be considered somewhat encouraging. However we need to be cautious in our desires that good times are just around the corner as demonstrated by Wall Street in its advances on the Dow this past Friday. While this is a hopeful sign, we need to place this in perspective.

In my attempt to formulate a hypothesis in which a dominant and sustained turnaround in the US economy is forthcoming, I've come across opinions within the population stating the Federal government has 'cooked the books' to show a decrease in unemployment. I was taken aback when I read these assertions as I have always been led to believe these figures are 'independent' and could not be tampered with. I still place my trust in the integrity of the unemployment reports, even though I have serious misgivings in the current direction of legislation and programs devised by this Administration and Congress. While many Americans are discussing Health Reform and other bills offered for debate in Townhalls across the country, I tend to believe the figures released on Friday were true and correct. I certainly have no desire to question the integrity of the Labor Department in regards to the veracity of the unemployment figures. A manipulation of such information, if at all conceivable, would be an egregious and destructive intervention in the trust we Americans have for our entire system of government.

The Rise In Mortgage Rates

Due to the cautious fortunes of the decrease in unemployment figures, the Bond market has responded. Short term interest rates are starting their upward movement. We have seen mortgage rates go up precipitously these past few weeks. We encourage those seeking a Purchase or Refinance loan request, to hand in your application and to lock your loan as soon as possible. The longer you are on the sidelines, the likelihood rates will go up so dramatically you might not be able to take advantage of the competitive rates being offered today nor qualify for a loan. Please check our mortgage rates or call us at our office at 323-936-3232 for more information.

Thanks Again       

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