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August 1st, 2016 7:12 PM

Dear Friends,
Every 4 years the American people are invited to a ritual that encompasses a myriad of speeches from government officials or special interests, seeking approval of concepts that will invigorate and continue a path towards tranquility. The 2 major political parties are devoted to offer a vision. This vision can be considered a path to maneuver the lives of its citizens to appreciate egalitarian norms as defined by their assemblage of peers, and a pursuit to overcome obstacles by direct intervention as a device to instill stability, camaraderie and justice. Conventions throughout American history have always had a measure of conflict, and what has transpired these past 2 weeks has reenforced this assessment.
I remember viewing both political conventions for the first time in 1968. My parents purchased a Magnavox color set that year and I was literally glued to the television. Americans were saddened by the continuous loss of life the Vietnam War inflicted on its forces and the emotional toll incurred by family members and friends here at home. Due to its devastation and the overwhelming protests of America's involvement, President Lyndon Johnson withdrew from seeking reelection. That year America suffered greatly with the assassinations of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr and New York Senator Robert Kennedy.


The Democratic Convention was torturous to watch, as hatred of government policies led to the eruption of violence which became the ultimate message of scorn viewed live in America's living rooms. The acceptance speech by Vice President Hubert Humphrey was delivered in an atmosphere where division contributed to insecurity and the unraveling of law and order. In his remarks to those in attendance and across the nation, the Vice President was deeply moved towards compassion, as he reminded everyone we are all God's children by reciting St. Francis of Assisi's prayer, where we are compelled to be an instrument for peace.

Americans were affected by the turmoil that Summer in Chicago. Unfortunately, for many years now, this nation has not embraced true reflections of thought that is required for wise counsel. Genuine and sincere contemplation allows one to live in a manner that encourages the attainment of one's peace of mind. In 2016, has America learned anything from its past?

In 1968, the passion displayed by anti-war protestors and throughout the early 1970's, a generation of young Americans were focused on ending a war without a purpose. Ironically, almost 50 years later, citizens of this 'Baby Boom' generation are represented by 2 disparate personalities seeking the Presidency, in which the old adage of voting for the 'lesser of two evils' has come to be recognized as the only true observation that actually exists to this day.

Frankly, both candidates are flawed.
We have one candidate known by the American electorate, as the spouse of the 42nd President. Since the 1992 campaign, a deluge of chronic scandals has contributed to the overwhelming opinion the Democratic standard bearer is untrustworthy, and has a disorder in which the truth will never be known when expressed to the general public.
The other candidate is a successful real estate mogul that has a propensity for self-absorption and an ability to respond or offer opinions without processing remarks for its veracity. If you are an intelligent and discerning American, our lives can be in jeopardy, as we may have Frick but not Frack deciding the destiny of this nation.

As Americans, we must do our 'due diligence' by avidly concentrating our efforts in seeking the truth regarding foreign and domestic policy decisions espoused by both candidates. The Main Street Media has forfeited its integrity however, as bias for socialist progressive ideologies has destroyed their recognition as professional journalists, as they generally favor one candidate over another.
Logic, common sense and the capacity to discern the truth without entanglements of corruption, manipulation or intimidation, is the pure exercise that will restore our personal sovereignty. When government no longer is willing to 'preserve, protect and defend' the Constitution or its citizens, we have no choice, as we are compelled to vote for the 'lesser of two evils' to save this country. 

The litmus test in choosing a President, revolves around one's understanding of a 'strict constructionist' approach of prospective justices recommended for the Supreme Court. One of the candidates has divulged the temperament a justice must have to be nominated for the High Court, by providing a list of 11 nominees. Under the circumstances, this information is valuable for assisting the electorate in making a wise and correct decision.

At least one of the political conventions demonstrated their affliction for 'cognitive dissonance'. As in years past, political conventions are gatherings that exude lofty rhetoric that rarely accomplishes its promises for a better life, or pure, succinct honest revelations in achieving its goals. In 1968 Americans were asked to be an instrument of our Lord's peace. The prayer recited 48 years ago at a political convention during a crisis, has now changed its focus. It is now imperative for our public servants in government, the press and big business to always tell the truth and never deceive its citizens.
  After 7 1/2 years of depravity, how can we vote for continued suffering and abuse?

You must vote, even if you have to pinch your nose when you enter the voting booth!
The future of this republic and forthcoming generations will be decided on Tuesday, November 8th.

Thanks again for your continuous support.


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