March 15th, 2009 10:26 AM

Dear Friends,

We all know it to be true. Perhaps the change we were prepared to embrace has changed so dramatically that the change has changed us.

The 2008 General Election was steeped in change. The slogan of 'change we can believe in' was peppered on billboards and advertisements throughout the country as the buzzword for hope. Change and hope were intertwined as a Madison Avenue concept securing headlines and respectability for its nuanced marketing prowess. Even a major soft drink has changed their advertising by displaying the logo of 'change' in their newest marketing campaign.

Notwithstanding, the effects of change since January 20th has been tremendous and far reaching. Many of us are bewildered at the rapid pace of decisions made on our behalf without the 'consent of the governed'. The swift approach in the transformation of our Republic has shocked many a scholar and citizen as the basic fundamental guidelines and philosophy of democracy has been tampered and placed in jeopardy. There are several developments which need to be explored.

Debt - Consequences Of Government Expansion

The tremendous debt America has incurred in just the past several months has made us vulnerable in so many ways. The philosophy of government providing all of our needs to exist from cradle to grave, is detrimental to the basic concept of democracy. America as a nation has never adopted these ideals and the likelihood of its implementation today is seen as a threat to the stability of our standard of living and the freedoms we cherish. Unfortunately, the economic meltdown has given power and a voice to a shrewd element in our government by legislation which has harmed our sovereignty. Attempts for control of the population is a goal eager to be pursued.  Control is the ultimate prize gained by the ratification of a spending spree in concerted attempts to gain the approval of Americans.

The trillions of dollars approved for spending by Congress and the gargantuan budget recently released for our purview, are haphazard attempts to produce job growth and to jump start an ailing economy at all costs. The unproven and reckless manner of spending money by 'hoping for the best' or throwing everything including the kitchen sink at the problem, is an inept concept to solve an economic dilemma of such major proportions. We need to be reminded that government in its continual display of bad judgement has its hands in the cookie jar and will do everything to blame others for its incompetence. Politicians are known to have the ability to say anything to gain favor with their constituents in order to shore up support for funds required for reelection.

The effects of spending beyond our means will profoundly damage our ability to govern ourselves. Future generations will no longer engage in their desires to prosper as the tools required for the 'American Dream' will have disappeared. The trillions in debt we are forcing our children and their children to pay, is a disgrace. There will be a time and place where the actions of Washington lawmakers in 2009 will come to haunt this country through the years leading to 2039.


Executive Order

We have also noticed the governance by executive order.  Many Americans have become unwilling participants and spectators in the latest exercise of illustrious maneuvers to circumvent the will of the people by executive order. With the stroke of a pen, many of the sacrosanct beliefs men and women of faith live by, are devalued and found objectionable. Without debate or the 'consent of the governed', many Americans are shocked and dismayed at attempts to distill the culture of moral virtues by dismantling the essence of discernment noteworthy in this nations' history. Governance by actions purporting to have secured a perceived mandate, lends itself to abuse of power and irresponsibility. The likelihood that our tax dollars will now pay for the dismemberment of human life as we know it to be, is disconcerting and repugnant for many Americans.

The change we are beginning to witness in such a short span of time will be our undoing. The integrity and the character of this great nation is being usurped by those in power incapable of comprehending the responsibility America has as a nation and as seen through the eyes of the world. By upholding moral values and conveying a message of integrity, Americans provide the welcoming voice heard around the world that liberty, freedom and justice are ideals worthy of the sacrifices many in this country have faced. As a society, the goodness and the blessings bestowed by our Creator are well known. The maintenance of moral standards nurtured through generations and the perseverance of its execution is the test Americans now face. We will know soon enough if we've passed or failed.

An Old Irish Blessing For Luck We All Seek

May the road rise to meet you,

may the wind be ever at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

and the rain fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again,

may God hold you in the palm of his



Time To Celebrate The Luck O' The Irish

We will be celebrating St. Paticks' Day this coming Tuesday. Our staff will be consuming the delights of corned beef & cabbage with mugs of green beer at our favorite Irish hangout, Tom Bergin's on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles. Please check their website, for directions. We hope to see you there!

Guidelines For Loan Modifications

This coming Thursday, we will review the newest guidelines the government and lending institutions are now offering to quell the foreclosure crisis. This blog will be very informative for all borrowers facing foreclosure or are 'upside down' in their mortgage obligations.

Thanks Again    

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