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October 11th, 2008 2:26 PM

Dear Friends,

The events of these past few weeks will be written about in the not so distant future. We have become unwilling characters in a textbook written for us and about us by historians without our approval or at this time, its full understanding. We have no desire to be characters in a chapter where direction is not forthcoming from our peers. Confidence and trust in our nation's ability to solve the numerous problems we face is at a nadir. There is a vacuum of leadership and the ability of anyone of integrity to harness the truth has become remote. The financial meltdown has exacerbated our ability to reason or form thoughtful methodical decisions due to pain, suffering and dismay. Our futures have been trampled upon by disturbing forces of power manifested within our financial community and with government. In concert, these inhabitants of influence through greed, corruption and incompetence are in effect, destroying the democratic principles and the sacrosanct confluence of sacrifice generations of Americans have so willingly fought and lost their lives for.

We need to be reminded the aftermath of these past several weeks will be written by historians. It is obvious to this observer, that government involvement in our daily lives has taken an Orwellian inspired dose of reality through the takeover of the mortgage industry and our financial institutions. Similar to the actions taken by the Federal Government during the Great Depression years, we hope these steps are only temporary until such time the economy begins to correct itself.


Courage and character is nowhere to be found in the halls of Congress nor America's financial institutions. Our country has become a cesspool of inequity. Who are we to believe? Every player that has the power to provide a solution in solving this financial crisis has an agenda, an opinion, or a past which lacks credibility or substance. One of the main visual barometers in which we are made aware of the seriousness of our plight, is displayed on Wall Street. When the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummets to over 800 points, as it did momentarily on Monday, we sit up and take notice. Even yesterday, the wild 1000 point swing is a testament to the fluctuations brought about by a lack of direction and integrity in our financial institutions.

The viability of our credit markets is another factor which hits close to home, as many Americans are unable to secure credit on mortgage, auto, student or business loans. Without liquidity, the financial marketplace comes to a screeching halt.

Ironically, the 'bail out' measure signed by the President last week, was to have alleviated the anxiousness we all feel. The activities since the signing has seen an elevation of one's blood pressure as our 401K's, stocks, mutual funds and all  investments have plummeted precipitously. I've spoken to several friends just in the past few days worried about their investments. When my older friends begin to fear for their futures due to financial volatility and incoherent solutions, now is the time where Americans of character need to step in and generate the actions needed to end the destruction of our sovereignty.

Perhaps, in the same textbook, due to the forces of transgression, there will be a chapter written about the manner in which ordinary Americans solved their financial problems by discarding the ineptitude theories of incongruence by elevating the dormant character of deliverance espoused by the Founding Fathers. America is at a crossroads and its destiny is in our hands.

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Ronan Tynan

Two Sundays ago I went to see Ronan Tynan, the Irish tenor, at a recital on the CSUN California State University in Northridge. You may know Ronan as one of the 3 Tenors in his previous performances across the country. He is well known for singing 'God Bless America' at Yankee ballgames. Ronan also performed at the funeral of former President Ronald Reagan in 2004.

Many of us are not aware of the challenges this man has suffered to overcome the painful physical effects since youth. What attracts me most about Ronan is his strength, purity and resonance of his voice. His eloquent delivery has moved me on many occasions to tears as he has touched my heart and soul as no other performer can. Ronan's personal history of integrity, compassion and spirit is an active ingredient in his delivery. That's why in a world bereft of character, Ronan is able to provide comfort.

Please visit his website, www.ronantynan.net for more information about this wonderful man of faith.

Thanks Again

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