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Dear Friends,

Many years ago my parents fled Communist Cuba and finally arrived in the US after 4 years in which our family was separated. This was back in 1966. My parents were so appreciative of the loving and compassionate members of the community that helped our family to be reunited, they began a patriotic custom of purchasing goods made in America. Through long conversations with my father, he recalled the oppression and despotic regimes in his native Spain and as a permanent resident of Cuba. He strongly believed that we should reward our neighbors and the nation at large in purchasing products made in the US, as a recompense for the profound works of charity we experienced. If everyone or a good percentage of us would be devoted in following his example in purchasing merchandise made in the USA, the economic fortunes of all Americans would be dramatically improved. I remember my father deciding to purchase a new car that he was able to afford. After reviewing all the vehicle choices available, he decided to purchase a Chrysler, even though several friends and acquaintances recommended a Toyota or a foreign made car instead. His decision on that day brought me to the realization it's best to support this nation in my own little way, by shopping for American made products when I have the ability to do so. Most of the cars that I've ever purchased were American made. The car that I'm driving now was constructed in Michigan. I also have a habit of looking at tags to see where shoes, clothing, bedding or any other products that I might purchase were made in the US.

I am revealing this to you as I was saddened to hear that Sears has filed for bankruptcy. K-Mart is also a part of Sears and it's regrettable both retail stores are going through this. I was terribly disheartened several weeks ago when it was announced the only K-Mart store in Los Angeles was closing its doors. I have been a customer of this location for many years and my loyalty was rewarded as the quality of their merchandise greatly improved. Economists have mentioned the changing landscape of retail establishments has created the loss of revenue for Sears and K-Mart holdings. This includes the acceptance of shopping on the internet due to its enhanced security features - a recognition that mismanagement created the decline in sales -  the haphazard displays and presentation of products in the stores were substandard compared to other retail establishments - the decline of shopping at malls generally. These are just a few of the reasons for the bankruptcy filing.

Americans must recognize that since the opening of diplomatic relations by the 37th US President in 1972, China has utilized our financial markets. Their reputation precedes them, as a shrewd and unrelenting behavior in negotiations and trade practices has risen the standard of living of the Chinese population. I have no qualms in regards to the elevation of the poor or disenfranchised in relinquishing the poverty experienced in the past. However, it is my understanding the mass profits from their involvement in America's free markets, has been used to replenish their military by the purchase and manufacture of weapons which is attributed to their advancement in technology. The conduct by Chinese government authorities displayed throughout the years, has demonstrated their inability for fairness that is required for all parties to profit equitably. While one of the methods in acquiring peace throughout the world, is by maintaining healthy trade relationships in global markets, America must also condemn human rights abuses that stem from monies earned from trade agreements. The persecution of Christians in mainland China is an example of human rights abuse. The oppression by the Chinese government in demolishing churches - the killing and imprisonment of parishioners and clergy - is just an example of the numerous contemptible actions the communists have an affinity to exemplify, by their power over the masses.

The tariffs currently imposed on the Chinese by the US government, is an overdue attempt to bring equity and fairness to a lopsided and unfair trade balance. While there is a revolt of sorts by entities unable to decipher the imposition of tariffs as 'leveling the playing field', one must give credit for the common sense approach by the 45th President and his administration to perceive the obvious.

The next time you purchase an item at your local bargain retailer, look to see if it was made in a nation that hates America and is clandestinely doing everything imaginable to undermine our existence. I strongly recommend that everyone that lives and loves America, take the time to purchase goods made in this country if you can. The American merchandise you've chosen to purchase might cost more, but you are saving this country from governments diametrically opposed to our democratic concepts of liberty, religious freedom and human rights.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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