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Our last post highlighted just one of the numerous challenges America faces to overcome the freefall of a society seeking an end of its demise.  The 'financial cliff' of tax increases scheduled for implementation on January 1st, 2013 will indeed harm the stability of an economy currently on a fragile footing. For those on fixed incomes, families living precariously by living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet, small business owners and the corporate employer that must layoff workers in order to satisfy the edict of incongruous tax policies, the 'explosion' is the latest chapter of American history revisited. From the days when King George incurred the wrath of colonial settlers, the moral assertion of 'taxation without representation' is the premise which gives the power of its citizens the moral indignation to extinguish attempts by government to impose its will.

While the unemployment rate miraculously dropped to 7.8% last month with a net creation of 114,000 jobs, any intelligent observer can surmise these newest figures can be construed as accounting from the imagination of government bureaucrats.

The loss of manufacturing by outsourcing of jobs overseas has contributed to the decimation of a once vibrant economy, as 23 million Americans are out of a job and seeking employment. It is a sad day indeed, when one's trust in government is no longer matter of fact, but drives scorn and derision as a direct result of the afflictions promulgated by incompetence, greed and corruption on hard working, law abiding Americans. The master plan in government attempts to encourage dependency of its citizens, is having its deleterious effects. Over 47 million Americans are on food stamps. One in five children go to bed hungry. Sixteen percent (16%) of the population is in poverty while statistics show dismal wages of $23,000 or less for a family of 4 has contributed to the despair many citizens face in their daily lives.

Homelessness is on the upswing due to the ascendancy in power of large banking firms, where 60% of mortgage servicing is controlled by Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase. Due to the consequences of government policies, foreclosures in this country continue to destroy neighborhoods as 2.3 million foreclosures are projected for this year alone. Moreover, 700,000 home repossessions are scheduled to take place.

For the past 4 years, over 13.5 million foreclosures have occurred forcing the forfeiture of homes in the millions. This devastation in the housing industry has also garnered the filing of bankruptcies in all chapters. For the past 4 years, bankruptcy filings has reached 5.7 million and counting.

In order to stem the tide in foreclosure activity, loan modification programs were developed with minimal success. Assistance is only considered if a home owner is behind in their mortgage payments or on the brink of foreclosure. The likelihood of a successful outcome dwindles, as the only solution enforced by the lender is a 'short sale' which in the long run, has its advantages for the bank. After months of indecision and mounting delays, the home owner eventually loses the property.

Americans have also encountered indecision by banks when seeking a purchase or refinance. Untimely delays and voluminous amounts of  paperwork has set in motion a deluge of frustration only to try one's patience. Our company has been subjected by such obstacles, but only through knowledge and perseverance we have become successful in our efforts.

The next post in the TeamBlog, concerns the anxiety one faces when confronted by a vapid culture and the non existent profession of journalism in America as practiced today. An oxymoron indeed!

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