May 18th, 2014 8:35 PM

Dear Friends,

The past several days here in Los Angeles, temperatures have been unseasonably high, in the 95+ range for the inland regions and in the San Fernando Valley the highs have risen to over 100 degrees. While this weather is uncomfortable due to its intensity, this is just one of the many factors that ostensibly adds 'fuel to the fire'. There have been fires in the San Diego County area and arson is suspected as one of the causes. Passions that are 'inflamed' can lead to uncontrolled confrontations and unruly behavior. The heat can also cause strokes, dehydration and shortness of breath.

There was a survey that I viewed the other day of the 10 most polluted cities with the highest smog rates in the nation. The state of California had 7 locations out of 10 and to my chagrin, Washington DC was also mentioned in the top 10. Sometimes I wonder if this survey had any correlation to the political assignations of those that live in these areas. You also must remember that California is in its worst drought ever experienced in modern times. The lack of water or the inability to breathe fresh air, may have hindered the supply of oxygen, thereby eliminating the thought processes devoted to sound judgement. But there are others and I, humbly included, that are immune from the extremities of weather patterns, as our voices have a truth oriented, calming effect. The gift of discernment and the power of wisdom, are two virtues that enable one to view present circumstances from a distance, and comprehend the consequences of actions implemented by those that seek to do harm. As Americans witness the destruction of democratic principles and the neglect of a once great society, we ask ourselves, 'When are we allowed to breathe again?'

Every week, and at times, it seems every day, there is a scandal that involves the US government. A few days ago, Americans learned that 36,000 illegal immigrants are no longer detained but were let free by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency last year. These individuals are now back on the streets. Their crimes run the gamut from rape, murder, kidnapping, drug dealing, crimes of violence and driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
To endanger the public by their release, is a policy that harbors on hatred and contempt for the American people. When the government does its best to afflict damage to promote chaos, one can truly understand the basis for its actions. Unfortunately, the citizens of this nation are not exercising its power to end such abuse. The continued, albeit temporary silence of our citizens and the loss of moral outrage by the media, are disconcerting. While Americans have never been known to be accomplices in their own undoing, a masochist streak in the personality of its inhabitants is by any logical approach, considered a remote diagnosis. Notwithstanding, many Americans are truly frustrated by the direction this nation has taken. To destroy the foundations of a once thriving society and to forfeit the blessings previous generations have sacrificed with their lives, are actions that run contrary to values embraced in the Constitution.


It was exactly 1 year ago today that I wrote a post, Then And Now in which I discussed 3 scandals and the similarities of its importance to Watergate.
1) In its actions, the IRS compromised the rights of conservative
Americans. 2) The NSA created an apparatus for the surveillance of all Americans. 3) At the embassy in Benghazi, 4 Americans lost their lives, as nothing was done to save these men from their deaths.
Sadly, as of today, we have volumes of information on all these affairs, but the truth under oath remains to be seen. Americans are becoming aware of deception and contrived responses, that have led to the loss of trust and integrity in the US government. The assistance of surreptitious agents has added to the frustration. For those directly involved, the pain and suffering of loved ones and the loss of basic freedoms of privacy and expression are circumstances that run counter to the principles Americans are known for.
Additional scandals are in the making, and yet to be discovered. While the facts are not known, the time is rapidly approaching where all of us will come to know the truth, as the truth will again set America free.

Thanks Again

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