June 11th, 2019 5:13 PM

Dear Friends,

The common sense approach in solving problems has been the mainstay of how I would advise individuals on how to overcome challenges that require a resolution. The approach in determining the best scenario under the circumstances, is to investigate and ultimately review the facts and figures involved in a logical and methodical manner. This method in which discernment of the situation is explored by various pros and cons, provides the impetus for a decision that affords all parties the understanding on how to proceed. America has numerous challenges that have not been addressed for a long period of time. While these circumstances fester without resolution, the consequences are immeasurable as the plight of those directly entangled are sidelined, and a deleterious form of oppression becomes the ultimate conclusion. Logic, reason, discernment, sound judgement and intelligence are the main factors that are utilized, to make a decision that will be viewed as the best possible outcome.

It is unfortunate for me to say, America is indeed suffering from a mental incursion. This affliction is pronounced. The inability to measure one's behavior from polarizing extremes of behavior is revealed, as the presence of ignorance and malevolence is determining the path in which individuals express themselves and conduct their affairs.

We see stark divisions nationwide in which scandal, contempt for the law and the lowering of ethical standards has become a common attribute in political and personal dialogue. When basic moral precepts are no longer viewed with respect or validity, the society in which we live has lost its basis for redemption. I am deeply concerned of what is occurring, as the quality of life in America is unraveling, as the acknowledgement of one's dignity has no value. Depression, exasperation and pessimism of the present and the future, has become the overwhelming truth in a nation that is losing its capacity to appreciate the profound nature of human life.

This Summer I will attempt to expand on my interpretation of how America can confront evil by utilizing logic, reason and universal morals that will trigger an embrace of common sense. Evil has infiltrated the psyche of those eager to dismantle one's independence that is required, to live without oppressive impediments. We need prayer to sustain our sanity in a nation that is losing its bearings. The time to save America has arrived.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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