September 27th, 2017 3:30 PM

Dear Friends,
This past weekend many Americans lost their patience by the actions of a cadre of football players, as they were kneeling in protest when the National Anthem was performed while the American flag in all its glory flew overhead. The American flag is universally known as a symbol of unity. To express one's freedom of speech by protesting a grievance during an opening ceremony designed to respect the nation and its beloved countrymen, is considered inappropriate. This action defames the sacrifice of brave men and women that gave up their lives so these individuals can play a game of football. The insensitive gathering of imprudence by the players involved, has created an onslaught of consequences.
This behavior began last year when the nation was confronted by a quarterback kneeling to protest the contrived despotism of America, while supporting the legacy of Fidel Castro and disparaging the police in their abilities to implement law and order.
I just happen to be an American born in Cuba.
Anything this football player states in regards to political theories or others with similar offensive convictions, are deemed to be objectionable and unacceptable. It is unfortunate these individuals are unable to discern the contemptible content of their thought patterns, as they never lived under government oppression or encroachment under Communism or Socialism in their entire lives.

Those kneeling earn millions of dollars for approximately 3.5 hours once a week for a few months time. Their salaries are truly impressive as many of these players earn more money in one year than Americans earn in an entire lifetime!
For many of us, this protest is seen as divisive and derogatory with elements of hypocrisy when the 'American Dream' landed on their doorsteps by the signing of million dollar contracts. No football payer today, will have the ability to earn their current salaries in any country on the face of this Earth!
If they hate America so, move to my former homeland or in any country that relies on Socialism, Communism, Marxism or Fascism as their method of controlling the masses and redistributing income
It has been reported many Americans have boycotted the viewing
of their favorite teams on television and will no longer attend football games. There is no need to generalize a profile of a football fan. However, one can acknowledge the profound love and respect for this country by the true 'forgotten American'. Their pain and suffering from the ethical corruption of government policies during the past 8 years, was revealed by the election of the 45th President. Any measure of discontent or discomfort would have credibility, if it incorporated the true deception associated by the unconstitutional approach of governance by the previous administration.

The NFL has a major problem, as this situation has begun, and will ultimately destroy a financial empire that includes television, cable, radio and its affiliates. Their advertisers, and any products intermingled with professional football will see a decline in overall sales and promotions. Americans will boycott these advertisers, as they will construe the NFL and its business promoters approve of these protests.
I strongly suggest the ban on kneeling at football games to stop the hemorrhage. I truly believe in freedom of speech. If those kneeling in protest seek to assist those suffering from injustice, the best course of action is to form an association or to develop charities to help those in poverty or affliction by various methods discovered in communities throughout this nation. A percentage of one's income for philanthropy to help solve the nation's ills, is a guiding path towards awareness of the problems.
While this country is imperfect, many of us understand progress in the human condition does occur much more so in America than in any other nation. It's time to be grateful for the blessings this country has given, by the sacrifice of those who fought and died for us, to live in freedom.
 In the privacy of my residence, I will kneel while I say my prayers or when I attend Church services. When kneeling is accompanied by prayer, this action demonstrates the reverence the power of prayer has in our lives. The time has arrived where many Americans will kneel and pray for God's guidance and the wisdom required, as the genuine approach to solve this nation's problems.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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