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September 23rd, 2017 2:49 PM
Dear Friends,
All of us know the American people are divided in its appreciation and pursuit of liberty within its own borders. The continued emasculation of free speech among universities and elements of America's culture, has harmed a rational and honest approach in following the wisest course of understanding in regards to the current maelstrom of dissension.
I thank God I am not a politician or involved in any position within the government establishment, the main street media, entertainment or in higher education. I can only provide a humble opinion enforced by the numerous experiences I've encountered throughout my entire life of 61 years. I can plainly say that I've had my ups and downs and persevered when pain and suffering knocked at my door. All of us go through times like this, but joy and peace of mind does visit our lives, when all aspects or fragments of our character are discovered by those seeking a similar path.
Many Americans have taken freedom for granted. A percentage of the population lacks a comprehension of American history - as a basic course in Civics 101 was never a requisite in either an elementary or a high school curriculum. Moreover, the circumstances which created a democratic republic with Judeo-Christian values embraced in the Declaration of Independence and the formation of the US Constitution, are misunderstood by an unorthodox powerful minority.
These entities are interpreting the sacrosanct documents as an affront to civil liberties in the modern age.

Last year's Presidential campaign divulged a tremendous amount of undisclosed and classified information. It revealed deception and methods of corruption of a political party,  an 'established' clandestine government operation, and the press - in bias attempts to 'control' the American electorate in its selection of a Chief Executive. These activities was never construed to implement a procedure to define or to raise the awareness of democratic principles in 1776, when America declared its independence from Great Britain, nor in 2016. The discoveries of the past 8 + years has uncovered the rise of unconstitutional strategies to destroy the personal sovereignties of American citizens. The behavior of government diplomats and its bureaucracy, has created a lack of trust in public institutions and has revealed the true intentions of the 'establishment'. The American people elected the Republican nominee to end this deception, and to resurrect the true discerning values of freedom that established this country.from its inception.

I strongly suggest every American sit down and read the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, in order to intelligently enter any debate in which the Rights of the individual are questioned.
We as a people, are entering a world where distinct opposing values are creating deep and profound conflicts. The ramifications are being felt throughout the country, as the disdain and the disrespect for law and order has garnered acceptance as a weapon for the dissolution of American independence. The rise of boycotts in the general marketplace has energized a substantial population of America. This method of dissent is the latest instrument in forecasting discontent. The execution of this procedure has affected the financial growth of various industries.
In an upcoming post, I will explore the rejection of business entities by a 'forgotten' and misconstrued segment of American society.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on September 23rd, 2017 2:49 PMPost a Comment

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