October 8th, 2013 10:11 PM


Dear Friends,

I celebrated my birthday yesterday! It's amazing to note that for the past 58 years my heart has been functioning continuously without missing a beat! I also celebrated MoneyTeam's 24th Anniversary! The recognition of these 2 milestones in my life have lifted my spirits greatly! While I'm known to have a growling disposition at times, I am truly grateful to have another year to pursue the task that I was destined to accomplish.

It goes without saying that a man of my age and personality has had the opportunity to learn a few things. Whether tying a knot, the ability to carry a tune, counting change or attempts in living a life without scandal, my role as an active participant in the desires of my heart continue. While there have been an inordinate amount of pain and suffering during specific events over the years, my ability to forge ahead without looking back is the direction I embrace. This is the path that offers comfort and sustains me towards the finish line.

I would like to thank everyone for your patronage of MoneyTeam throughout the years and your kind words in celebrating my birthday! I am excited at the prospect of living as long as I am able. When the good Lord decides to take me home, I'll be ready!

May God bless you!

Thanks Again

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