June 16th, 2016 2:42 PM

Dear Friends,
I was attending mass at St. Monica's on Sunday, when the Pastor mentioned the horrible event that transpired in the early morning hours in Orlando. All of us at the church service were shocked to learn about the loss of life under the most horrific circumstances. Another terrorist attack has transpired and many of us are asking why such hatred and evil continues to exist.
Today, we have discordant attempts to define the motives of the perpetrator and the entities responsible for its occurrence. Since September 11th, 2001, any intelligent, discerning individual must have come to the effortless conclusion, there is an underlying conviction to destroy the freedoms and liberties of a society that has blessed America since its founding. Unfortunately, the intense debate of how to interpret or define the concepts of a nation established by Judeo-Christian principles, has created a deep division that has evolved into an ideology that lacks sound practical judgements.
The failure of government to protect Americans from terrorism and the approach by the mass media to dilute the war we have encountered by appeasement in their support of 'political correctness', has created the atmosphere we are now subjected to. When the main issue of terrorism is obfuscated by measures to advance gun control legislation, the path to defeat the sources of violence and intimidation becomes an overwhelming obstacle.

I view the passages of wisdom expressed by previous personalities that have graced the historical origins of this great nation as gospel. Is there anyone in the upper echelons of the government 'establishment' today, that possesses an ounce of integrity by upholding the Constitutional principles of America's first President, George Washington?
Unfortunately, the answer to this question is a resounding - NO!
Frankly, to envision the loss of bearing arms by law abiding citizens against the forces of tyranny, can be considered the unraveling of one's personal sovereignty and the dismantling of social order. The Second Amendment must never be a scapegoat for the deception that has developed by misguided, incoherent advocates in their quest to outlaw protection of one's family and ironically, of themselves.
In order to help resolve the problems of terrorism within America's borders, patriotic citizens must review incongruous policies that allow illegal and government fostered immigration without 'due diligence' to continue. It's a given this country will succumb to additional attacks if current methods of governance does not end. 
The tremendous loss of life just a few days ago, need not have happened. When will Americans embrace logical, common sense alternatives to end deceptive practices of expediency?

The last hymn the congregation sang at church was,
 'Be Not Afraid'.
Americans must never be afraid to voice their concerns, as the survival of this nation depends on it. The voices of reason know full well, the General Election in November will determine the life or death of America.

Prayer is just one method of communication on Earth that reveals the presence of God. Overcoming inequities through contemplation will be revealed at a predetermined time.
With this understanding, our thoughts and prayers go out to all the family and friends of those that were injured or lost their lives. We are all God's children, and the love God has for the LGBT community will never cease. Coincidentally for many of us, the love and compassion for the victims is true and sincere.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

'Be Not Afraid'
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