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August 28th, 2019 1:01 PM

Dear Friends,

The presumed 'trade war' America has with China is merited. The Communist Regime continues unfair trade policies due to its duplicitous mode of conduct known throughout the world. The current President's involvement in seeking an integrity based trade relationship is logical and worthy of patience, perseverance and in the end, the formation of a legitimate written final agreement. There are many Americans afraid this situation with China will prolong a financial devastation on several accounts. Farmers are most affected by the Chinese unwilling to purchase agricultural products until this 'trade war' ceases. Concurrently, the low cost of Chinese merchandise sold by large department and bargain stores will undoubtedly increase. Both of these situations are considered an economic inconvenience of differing proportions that will eventually be resolved in time. Its solution will in the long run assist all Americans, as fair trade is a valuable compensating factor for the economic success of a free market system.

With that said, Americans must contemplate their future, as any trade agreement with a Communist or Socialist Regime has consequences that will affect future generations. Since the opening of trade with China in the 1970's, America is dealing with a powerful Communist government, willing to amass its fortunes on purchasing various entities, companies, commodities, goods or resources throughout the world. Their efforts are to amass a capability to overwhelm any trade negotiation by the ownership of assets in all sectors, affecting the worldwide economy. The profits earned by their prowess will be utilized to augment their military and defensive technologies, by infiltrating their oppressive doctrines on America and the world.

My beloved parents immigrated to the US from Communist Cuba in 1966. I will always remember the appreciation my beloved father had for America, as many members in government, the Catholic Church and the town our family resided, assisted us during this stressful time in our lives. He showed his sincere devotion towards this nation by purchasing American manufactured products, even though he had choices to obtain merchandise from other countries. Our family purchased big ticket items made in America. Our television, a sewing machine and the 'family car' are a few examples.

Our family will always be grateful for the love we received from well meaning strangers. It is truly unfortunate that in today's America, the suffering of anyone that escaped oppressive Regimes, are rarely viewed with respect nor questioned for the wisdom acquired through the years. The newest voices heralding the presumed benefits of Socialism as the cure for the challenges America faces, do not possess the substance of character that is required to speak the truth. When we have a concomitant environment where an economic Recession is desired in order to topple a duly elected President and a government administration, our lives are in danger.

To purchase items made in America may be higher in price, but is much better in quality. To help end the impasse of trade negotiations with China, they need to be reminded that America can succeed without their merchandise or purchases in the future.

 Is it sane to purchase an item from China if it gradually destroys our freedom? Does saving $1 offer us the freedom to live our lives as we have become accustomed? We must also question if the profits from trade deficits with the US - over $500 Billion yearly - will be used to help the poverty stricken or to ramp up their military?

I neglected to mention the human rights abuses that continues unabated, as religion is viewed as a distraction and a threat to a repressive government. Notwithstanding, the pronounced abortion practices of the Chinese, the elimination of free speech in their own country and the disruption of democratic ideals in Hong Kong, are just a few of the human rights abuses that are being implemented today. Why would America further the goals of Communism, if a final trade agreement with the US is construed to be advantageous to the Chinese? It's best to negotiate an agreement that is prudent, and offers both countries the benefits that prospers the human condition.

If at all possible, the time has come for America to purchase American goods exclusively. In regards to trade, there are numerous nations that will truly value America's association with our farmers and other business entities. Offhand, I do not remember trade with China before the involvement of the 37th President in America's diplomatic recognition of its government. At the time, America's economy was not dependent on China - nor it should be - today. Independence from oppressive practices will be achieved, once we recognize the repercussions of unfair trade.

Be American - Buy American

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on August 28th, 2019 1:01 PMPost a Comment

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