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October 21st, 2019 7:47 AM

Dear Friends,

Just the other day I was truly distressed, as the media chronically conspires to highlight news that contains a tormented degree of cruelty and hatred for the President and his supporters. Everything this man has accomplished and the outpouring of support from Americans throughout the country for his persistence under immense stress, has been denigrated to an extreme, that has no bounds. America is now witnessing a cultural civil war in which one can easily decipher the character of those that display a madness in thought and reason, where common sense no longer exists.

When you have Presidential candidates and a political party expressing their devotion to Socialism as the cure for various challenges America must embrace, discerning Americans must take the 'bull by the horns' and shake this putrid ideology from our presence. When you have an avowed Socialist or Communist Senator seeking to change the Constitution in order to gain power, the time has come to end this furtive and misguided attempt to destroy our way of life. When you have a freshman New York Congresswoman advocating and promoting Socialist doctrines, why would I at my age and experience, listen to a 30 year old that lacks any discerning capacity for wisdom? The same conclusion can be said for the Democratic Presidential candidates, as their inability to understand basic math, human nature and ethical behavior is viewed as a mental deficiency - that is extremely dangerous.

As a proud American born in Communist Cuba, I truly understand the horrors of despotism. Personally, this repressive ideology has harmed and abused our family, while many others have suffered greatly under an oppressive regime. When you are affected by Socialism or Communism, anyone that advocates its inclusion in America, has lost their credibility and the integrity required to assist anyone. Many Americans that have acquired a discerning nature, fully realize there are those in the population, albeit in the media, current government holdovers from previous administrations, the corrupt and misguided, just to name a few, that are being 'unmasked' for their acceptance of Socialist doctrine.

For anyone to believe in Communism as an attractive system of government due to the phenomenal income and/or recognition one receives, is devoid of principles in which acts of righteousness are tremendously valued. Money must never be used as a commodity to establish one's adulation, as there will be a time that one's character will be admonished by the judgment of those that question the scourge of arrogance.

America is going through a 'shakedown' in its discovery of those that are afflicted with mental disorders, bouts of madness, delusion and misguided assumptions, in regards to Socialism and leftist doctrines. The revelations that have been disclosed, has provided discerning Americans a profound respect for the Constitution. A pronounced understanding of forces that desire Socialism has been unearthed, and a majority of the American people will defeat its assault on a democratic republic.

To engage these powerful dangerous forces from destroying America, pray and be positive, as a miraculous intervention is forthcoming. Moreover, healing, the curtailing of senseless animosity towards advocates of common sense and the rise of intelligence are developments that will invoke 'The Spirit of 1776'. Be alert!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on October 21st, 2019 7:47 AMPost a Comment

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