August 22nd, 2020 10:58 AM

Dear Friends,

You may have heard the US Post Office is under scrutiny. There are various entities concerned the spread of the Coronavirus will proliferate across the country when Americans visit their poling places to cast their ballots in the General Election. The American people have been strongly advised by the US government to wear a mask in public and to 'social distance' by maintaining a physical separation of 6 feet from others. While this recommendation of prevention is now universally accepted whenever we leave our homes for daily errands around our communities, the advice given seems to be inoperative when one is to visit a polling place. 

There is a debate in regards to the propensity of fraud if mail in voting is enforced, due to circumstances that have occurred in the past throughout American history and in recent news reports. As an undergrad in college I was a political science major. I remembered a class that revolved around election results that were ostensibly considered perplexing. In 1948 Lyndon Johnson managed to win the Texas primary for Senate when uncounted ballots were discovered at the very last minute. This led to his victory and he was 'affectionately' referred to as 'Landslide Lincoln'. As you know, he was elected Vice President in the 1960 General Election years later. Moreover, the Election of that year had Senator John F Kennedy win the Presidency over Vice-President Richard Nixon by the smallest margin imaginable. There were concerns of voter irregularities in the state of Illinois and Texas that allowed the Kennedy-Johnson ticket to win the General Election. A debate by prominent historians continues to this day, if this Election was tampered with. 

While voter fraud in elections can be considered a factor under any circumstance, the demand for mail in voting has its consequences due to the process of having the ballots reach its intended destination for processing. Just yesterday, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee questioned the Postmaster General in regards to the concerns many Americans have if the entire country were to cast their ballots by mail. If this method of voting occurs, an overwhelming amount of risk in determining the outcome of the General Election will be in jeopardy. There are several concerns:

1. The ballot could be lost or undelivered once mailed by the Post Office

2. The ballot is sent to the wrong address

3. The ballot is sent to a deceased recipient (voter)

4. The ballot is not received in time for the recipient to vote

5. The ballot never reaches its intended destination when the recipient (voter) mails it back

6. The handwritten responses by the recipient (voter) in filling out the ballot are illegible, a verification of a signature is questioned, or a signature to verify its authenticity is missing

Any adult can truthfully say there were occasions that a letter that was mailed with proper postage, was never received by the intended recipient during their lifetimes! This has happened in my life without fail. Just recently, on June 24th, I mailed a donation to the Church that I attend. I reviewed my account a couple of weeks later and discovered the checks were not cashed. I called my Pastor on July 12th to inquire about my donation and he mentioned the Church never received my letter. Also, I sent documentation to my health insurance provider on July 7th. I then received a letter dated August 1st indicating they never received the documentation requested.

In the past there were credit card bills that were not processed on time as my payment was received after the bill was due, or my check to pay the balance was never received by the credit company. I'm content to disclose that I'm no longer in the 'Stone Age' as I pay these bills conveniently online. 

This post is not to disparage the United States Postal Service. I mail letters all the time but there's always a risk involved. Due to the politicalization of everything in this country and the scandalous attempts to remove the Chief Executive from office, Americans demand integrity in their Elections. During this time in the nation's history, the aggressive extreme contempt and hatred of a conservative approach in governance by a cabal of Socialists, Marxists and Communists is a form of abuse that must be taken seriously by all discerning Americans. The preferred and logical method in voting is to cast one's ballot in person and to have one's identification verified by the poll worker. Incidentally, I once volunteered as a poll worker years ago.

 Liberty and Freedom can only flourish when election fraud is divulged and summarily eradicated. The outcome of one's concerns will be revealed on November 3rd, 2020.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America.

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