August 21st, 2013 1:02 PM

Dear Friends,

My imagination was working overtime. I'm thrilled to have an awareness, to dream and escape from the madness that has taken hold in the discourse of common conversations. While my 'vacation' was a time of self imposed seclusion from my perception of a culture in need of enlightenment or the incongruous banality of a political class eager to destroy the fruits of hard working Americans, I'm back to reality and at times I wish I never left Willoughby!

If you read the last post on the TeamBlog, I left my senses for a 72 hour period to live in a world where serenity is the main course of a bountiful environment where one's accomplishments are recognized and admired. It goes without saying that all of us would like to be remembered when we leave for 'greener pastures'. While being remembered is endearing to the lives we've encountered, the difference we made to serve others is the legacy any righteous or virtuous individual would be proud to emulate.

Even in my own life, I wonder at times if I made a difference. Perhaps, my participation in the financial matters of past clients in the thousands, can be considered the ticket towards redemption. While there were circumstances that prevented my ability in providing the best service required and expected for any client, I am content that in my own mind and actions I did not abandon my responsibilities. Over 30 years of originating loans is a triumph of persistence. Unfortunately, the changes throughout the mortgage industry by government encroachment has closed the business operations of many mortgage brokers and self-proprietors. We were fortunately spared from the wrath of regulation. 

A Vanishing Work Ethic?

While hard work to better one's lot in life is a universally respected concept, there is a growing segment of Americans that have decided the work ethic is an activity that can be avoided. The origins of this philosophy began to emerge from the inept financial policies of the federal government. For over 5 years the lines of unemployment continues its ascent. The Affordable Care Act has forced employers to lower work hours to no more than 30 hours for employees. This action is required by a business, in attempts to save money by not offering health care due to the overwhelming mandatory costs and expenses. Many businesses are laying off workers and if one is lucky to be hired, many positions offered are only on a part time basis. While this is happening, the government is encouraging everyone to apply for food stamps, unemployment insurance and other subsidies that provide a subsistence level of income. The money one receives on a monthly basis from government assistance, can be considered commensurate to the income one would earn if that person had to find employment.

While this mind-set is working its way through the citizenry, the effects are having a profound impact and many Americans are deciding this can be the best way to survive. There's no need to get up early in the morning, drive to work and toil for a company that offers a minimum wage that accompanies a day of stress. This slothful attitude is the basis for concern, as the values in which America is known for rots by a formula that lacks respect for those working to compliment the lazy.

A Family Example

I've always known my father to be a hard worker. His experience with tyranny under Franco in Spain and Castro in Cuba were regrettable. His arrival in America alongside my mother, was a celebration in which freedom and opportunity became a successful rescue from a life of drudgery and despondency. One must never take for granted the treasure this nation offers for those seeking to embrace a better life for their children and for themselves.

My father, Francisco, worked to support our family so we could have a roof over our heads, clothing to wear, food to eat and to pay for miscellaneous expenses to add to our comfort. My mother also worked on a part time basis and her assistance helped all of us. Both of my brothers to this day have contributed to a regimen of hard work by supporting their families. The work ethic displayed by my parents instilled the basis for my own growth. My first job was as a dishwasher at a restaurant making $1.25 an hour when I was only 14. True to form, I've been working continuously ever since.

It is sadly apparent the actions by government bureaucrats envision Americans to be on a subservient level, so that all financial endeavors must be reviewed by Orwellian administrators. Whether it be strict regulations on small business, restrictions in regards to health care, the fight for the right to bear arms or religious liberty and just living without privacy, who could have imagined a war on our freedoms would ever be justified?

With outright planned determination, those in power are manipulating their efforts so America's dependence on government for everything imaginable is the goal of a 'transformation' without bloodshed. No wonder many Americans have given up the fight and have relinquished their self-respect by staying home and collecting the offers of assistance by a corrupt and morally deplorable class of dangerous elites.

This situation will end. America will rise to its senses. The day of reckoning is fast approaching.

Thanks Again

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