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This coming Monday is Independence Day. For many Americans the historical significance of this day is no longer appreciated. Perhaps a weekend celebration without work obligations, a barbecue at a neighbor's home or a day at the beach with family and friends has its intrinsic value. Ironically, these activities help release the chronic stress we've surreptitiously have invited into our lives, by the errors in judgment in those we've entrusted to represent our nation's interests. Unfortunately, the current turmoil in which we find ourselves is a reflection of the inability of Americans to comprehend the sacrifices of previous generations.

This apparent difficulty in recognizing the suffering in which liberty was procured and the inability to ascertain the subsequent loss of one's liberties in today's America, has become the generic prescription in which the population has taken freedom for granted. 

The cause and effect of corruption and deception engineered by politicians, business and media concerns has taken its toll. The institutions we have come to trust and respect are no longer eager to accept our allegiance. The sociopath is on a roll in every sphere of influence where powerful special interests has its overarching reach. While there are efforts to transform this nation from the democratic vision of the Founding Fathers towards a discredited version of European socialism, for those enlightened and have the gift of discernment - a concerted effort must begin to end the abandonment of democratic principles.

This nation has embarked on a mediocre educational path of insignificance, where graduating youngsters are unable to process simple concepts and lack the tools to compete in the global marketplace. While this is a consequence of inept and disgraceful power structures developed by a triumvirate of government, business and the media, the pain continues as the demise of America's culture is apparent. The history of this nation is no longer viewed as a path for instruction or guidance, as many have never read its chapters. The lack of substance and integrity of those we have become acquainted on all levels in this 'triumvirate' is destined for revelation. We are discovering the mechanisms in which personalities and the economic engine of a nation are lifted and bequeathed a protected status, in order to secure comfort where none exists.

The basic approach to help solve our nation's ills is to reacquaint ourselves with the passages of American History devoted to the wisdom and the love of country by the Founding Fathers. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are living documents devoted to the preservation of our liberties. Without the divine hand of the Almighty, our American experience and sovereignty would not be alive today.


Foreclosure And Trustee Sale Avoidance     

I've taken some time off from the TeamBlog, in order to concentrate on helping a deluge of homeowners overcome the scourge of foreclosure which continues to haunt a great number of Americans. The vast conflagration of incompetence, arrogance and greed has become the overwhelming hallmark of banks and financial institutions. Their uncompromising efforts in promoting baseless loan modifications and the celebration of displacing families by eviction, has risen the despair of those unable to cope. We are becoming a society in which the chronic desire to profit at others expense and one's inability to embrace ethical conduct in the marketplace or in a community, has gradually exposed the deep moral divisions of a nation in turmoil.

Moreover, we are witnesses to a government that has lost its way. The moribund and lifeless approach in its responsibility to guide and nurture its citizens, has affected the confidence and trust we have for those we've elected to help solve the numerous problems America faces.

We are aware of the frustration and the agonizing attempts Americans have endured to save one's home from foreclosure. Due to the rise in the loss of one's property during the past several years, MoneyTeam has agreed to help those in need to postpone a Trustee Sale for up to 24 months. We have lined up with compassionate integrity driven individuals eager to provide the time a homeowner requires to complete a loan modification, a short sale or a refinance in order to stop the loss of one's home.

Please review our webpage entitled


We will provide additional details in regards to our program and the fees involved. We will begin accepting inquiries, applications for this service and a webpage will become fully operational commencing on Friday, July 22nd. Let us help postpone the sale in order for us to provide the time you needed to overcome any handicap you might be facing. Please call our office at 323-936-3232.

'Just One More Thing'

I am saddened by the loss of actor Peter Falk just a few days ago. He is known for his portrayal of Detective Columbo on television for many years. His trademark entrance at the scene of the crime via a downtrodden Peugeot while wearing a disheveled crumpled trenchcoat and smoking a cigar for good measure, has truly become a portrait of endearment for many adoring fans.

My favorite episode of the series, 'Swan Song' was originally aired in 1974 where Ida Lupino becomes the victim of circumstance when Johnny Cash is hellbent on murder in an orchestrated plane crash. In this episode, I can close my eyes and literally envision Ida and Johnny singing 'I Saw The Light'.

While the audience is well aware of the perpetrator during the opening sequence, we instinctively know Columbo has already solved the crime once he arrives on the scene. 

There were times in my daydreams that I began to mimic the attributes of a fictional Detective in a big city, resolved and focused on solving not a murder, but securing a loan approval no other financial institution would be willing to explore. While I may have considered myself as the Columbo of the mortgage industry during the past several years, I can safely say Detective Columbo has become an inspiration. He will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

Thanks Again    

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