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April 27th, 2020 2:05 PM

Dear Friends,

The Coronavirus pandemic is unmasking individuals in this country that support Socialist and Communist concepts in the name of saving lives. Their contempt for the rule of law by trampling America's sacrosanct Constitutional rights and supporting radical and extreme measures to resolve the spread of the virus, is contemptible. You do not need to 'read between the lines' in order for anyone that truly comprehends the sacrifice of previous generations to sustain liberty and freedom to ascertain their true desires to overthrow America's Judeo-Christian values. While the President continues to be berated by the chronic mental disorders of the political left, the American people are abruptly becoming aware of the evil that has permeated the character of this nation. The Founding Fathers and the heroes that have graced this nation in times past, would scorn the treason that has been discovered by powerful forces that have an overwhelming hatred for a culture that has transformed civilization within a democratic republic. To view the arrests of law abiding citizens by authorities in matters where common sense is no longer embraced, is a sign that a forceful and powerful cabal of Americans are enjoying the march towards oppression they have always desired.

It is unfortunate the President was unable to speak in a comprehensive coherent manner when he mentioned the effects of bleach or disinfectant in remedies to combat the virus in last week's Task Force press conference. The deleterious reports by the main street media of this happenstance, has continued their unceasing attempts to obliterate the overall works of the President and the Task Force in their efforts to contain the virus. The hatred and disrespect for the Chief Executive and the Administration has gone overboard, as their vicious disregard for human decency is truly damaging the substance of America's magnanimous character.

Sometimes I wonder if the Coronavirus is a punishment by Our Dear Lord for the ingrained immersion of a society that allows the destruction of human life through abortion, while ironically tormenting or feigning the loss of life by a pandemic that is blamed on a President and using the crisis to advance repressive attempts for power - by all means necessary. The acquisition of wisdom by the American people is my hope and prayer to fully grasp the source of intimidation and manipulation by global forces - whether they be foreign or domestic. Revelations will continue to be divulged in regards to the origination of the virus and the corrupt entities involved in its proliferation. The time has come to be reacquainted with life as it was meant to be lived - in harmony and in peace.

 Be Healthy - Stay Safe.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on April 27th, 2020 2:05 PMPost a Comment

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