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October 20th, 2015 9:27 PM

Dear Friends,
The other day I decided to review the posts that I've written over the years, and I came to the sad conclusion that many of the topics that I've written revolved around the unraveling of America. When I began writing the TeamBlog, I believed it was a great idea to concentrate my efforts on financial subjects regarding available methods in saving money on mortgages and fees that accompany them. After awhile I exhausted these efforts and in my mind began to view my activities in Los Angeles as a welcome respite from the technical protracted figures and statistics of property finance. During this period I realized to my chagrin, the media was reporting events of a political nature in an egregious biased manner that gave any independent and impartial individual a tremendous cause for concern. I recognized the imbalance and felt compelled by my innermost convictions to write what I know and believe to be the truth.
If you read any of the numerous posts in the TeamBlog, you will come to an understanding that everything that I've written is the truth and my perception and/or observations of human nature for the past 7 years has been accurate and at times prophetic. On a personal level, my attempts to view the profound sanctity of life as a force for understanding the human condition - this temperament has enabled my capacity to interpret the beliefs, motives and actions of those conquering or assisting the maelstrom of a fallen, broken world.
The American people have suffered greatly. Powerful forces in government, media and big business have taken advantage of the good faith and trust its citizens inherently share, to protect all countrymen from abuse. One would surmise the main justification for the dominance we entrust the government, the press or the embrace of ethical business practices, is to secure the heartfelt desires of its citizens. Unfortunately, everything is upside down in this country, as Americans continue to be misguided by a whirlwind of deception that has engulfed the souls of various special interests, eager to intentionally inflict harm with morally reprehensible actions upon the entire population.


One of the intense signs of failure in a society that has lost its ability to care, is the plight of the homeless population. Here in Los Angeles and throughout the country, homelessness has increased dramatically during the past 7 years. The despair and agony of families not having a place to live, has become a symptom of what we have allowed to proliferate and has been delegated as a nuisance, by those unable to demonstrate an ounce of compassion.
If you consider yourself an intelligent, logical and open minded person with virtues acquired by a capacity for discernment in which wisdom is truly prevalent, you've been blessed beyond human understanding. More than likely, you will recognize the exercise of those in unison to destroy the basic democratic principles of a society from within. You will also foresee the consequences of instability by an establishment willing to damage a nation as ransom, for the corruption that has infiltrated the very workings that sustains a civilization from social disintegration.
Sadly, there are many Americans that lack the understanding nor are able to grasp the responsibility that comes in being a citizen of this great country. Of all times in recent memory, any independent person with an affinity towards enlightened thought, will recognize the characters on center stage seeking to dismantle Judeo-Christian principles that has defined the culture since the landing of the Mayflower. Attempts to associate this basic historical fact with methods of revision, can be considered a crime of apostasy.
Notwithstanding, it is disconcerting to view the rise in discussion and acceptance of socialism as a prescription for the nation's financial nightmare that continues without abeyance. Anyone with an understanding of human nature, knows full well socialism never works and destroys lives in its wake.
The American people are exhausted with their plight. Another sign of discontent is work related. The emotional fatigue caused by unemployment for any length of time, has been engineered by vexatious forces strategically undermining the basis for the prosperity this nation has developed by hard work in the past. To change the environment by eliminating employment opportunities intentionally, the spiral of despondency contributes towards the abandonment of confidence in one's ability to be an active member of the work force in the foreseeable future.
It seems as though everything of major importance that impacts the lives of Americans, has been arranged to undermine the independence and the sovereignty of its citizens. The forces of the establishment and their benefactors are continuously energized by their association, in dismantling the concepts of liberty promulgated by exceptional men and women throughout American history.

Many Americans know the score. They know the persons and the entities involved in their misguided efforts to harm this nation. This is why a great majority of Americans have decided to support anti-establishment presidential candidates. The rise in popularity among these candidates is a reaction by an informed and hostile electorate. When Congress ignores the demands of Americans voiced by their votes in a Mid-Term election and the continuation of such policies, in its aftermath, the electorate have had their fill of self-absorbed, mentally challenged and fraudulent personalities. Furthermore, it seems an independent and serious minded person has to take a deep breath and read between the lines to find the truth, as the mass media and its offspring manipulates and distorts issues and candidates that are contrary to their dangerous core beliefs.
There is cause for optimism however, as a 'silent majority' has awaken from a deep sleep and will undoubtedly save this country from an oppression that has gripped America.
I am one voice in a country with over 330 million inhabitants. I just happen to live in a City and a State where exhaustive measures contrary to sound judgement is viewed with approval.
Nevertheless, I do my best to survive any onslaught by writing this post and to pray for those that do not know what they do.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on October 20th, 2015 9:27 PMPost a Comment

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