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October 13th, 2014 11:40 AM

Dear Friends,
I came to the United States with my two older brothers from Havana in April of 1962. We were finally reunited with our parents in August of 1966. The separation that occurred within those 52 months changed our lives. The trauma of leaving my parents at a young age without realistic assurances that I would ever see them again, had a profound effect on characteristics of my personality that continues its presence more than 50 years later.
While all of us have had trials during our lives that have shaped the substance of our character, the consequences of trauma during childhood, inevitably formulates the disposition of an adult mind.
The circumstances of one's lives during these formative years is truly important and needs to be reviewed as a basis for the actions of those in government, media and big business, in understanding the upheaval freedom loving Americans have come to recognize by their exploits.
I am not a psychologist nor a psychotherapist by any means. The only course in which I enrolled as an undergraduate was PSYCH 101 during my freshman year. While textbooks can define a preponderance of one's demons as a diagnosis, anyone with the capacity of critical thinking or have undertaken the study of human nature through close personal interactions, can appreciate mental instability from a distance.
To live under the chronic stress of deadlines, financial worries, health ailments, family obligations or the sadness of disappointment and discouragement, one might decide to alleviate the pain by indulging in drugs, alcohol, overeating or by deliberate physical abuse. It has been reported a good number of those living in the US, are exploring these methods to end the suffering they've experienced during the past several years.

After you view the entire scenario of what is currently happening in America, one is able to comprehend the conspicuous traits of those that have engulfed this nation in a mighty storm, where deception and control is a source of their contentment.
My thoughts are not to generalize or disparage those that have struggled and continue to do so, from the ravages of tribulations from past events. Unfortunately, we have individuals with personality traits in powerful positions that are unable to distinguish right from wrong or are unable to display a healthy thought provoking side to their personalities. These individuals are considered to be sociopaths or are attributed to have a narcissistic disorder as a result of trauma, neglect or over indulgence in their upbringing as children. As adults their behavior is truly dangerous, as we are witnessing the unraveling of a once great nation take place before our very eyes.

It has been suggested that our government is complicit in a strategy - with the 'main street media' as a willing accomplice in its ability, to edit or censor any opposing views or legitimate concerns - in allowing flights from nations afflicted with the Ebola virus to continue.
The rejection of sound judgment in the containment of the Ebola virus in America, is perceived as a prelude to the disaster that awaits, as common sense has become a pejorative in the eyes of those afflicted with the inability to view reality. Concurrently, by not curtailing travel or closing the influx of migrants from our Southern border, one can surmise these actions are being implemented intentionally, as a master plan to create chaos among the population. I shudder to think about the direction in which this country is headed, and just to mention this as a probability, is disconcerting and repugnant to say the least.
To reiterate, Americans do not understand how government authorities stationed at our Southern border, are still allowing migrants to cross into the US without any supervision nor any scrutiny of their medical condition. America's schoolchildren are suffering from the communicable diseases brought to the US from Central America.
 By allowing this contemptible policy to continue unabated, such actions are against the security of the American people, as the protection of its citizens is the first priority of government.


We have powerful elements eager to fulfill its objective, by placing America in a whirlwind of panic as an excuse to promote beliefs that run counter to anything this nation has ever accepted to be factual or true. We have lifeless bureaucrats, undistinguished Congressional members, a defunct media and greed filled business concerns where following the money is the main and only source  that validates their lives. Courage, integrity, honesty and standing up for one's moral convictions is rarely witnessed in a fallen nation. Just the other day, there was a famous actress that hosted a fundraising event, in which the head of this government attended. This quote was attributed to her:
"It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs, to pass the things that he needs to pass."
This quote can sum up one of the various stages of indifference for those that lack a sense of discernment, and reveals the misunderstanding of the role of government and its democratic principles. Esteemed law professors and historians alike, are in accord this president's imperial interpretation of the Constitution has caused a schism, in which the document's original intent has been marginalized and ignored.
While this actress has enjoyed recognition and economic success through her substantial earnings, it is sad to view a complete disregard for the reality of those suffering from the policies she has unwittingly endorsed by her words. Truly, this is a vacuous statement that reenforces a mindset, stricken with a temperament exclusively embraced by those in the company of fools.
The plight of all law abiding, sincere, peace loving Americans without the taint of delusion or mental anguish, have witnessed this great country tarnished by the actions of unscrupulous powerful interests. The common element is their dissatisfaction with a society that upholds the values of a free enterprise financial system, devised alongside with virtues of religion that espouses camaraderie and respect for one's neighbors.

There is more than meets the eye when we view the circumstances that have been allowed to promote panic and despair.
 Attempts are made to dilute our freedoms by manipulating demographics similar to gerrymandering. This action is accomplished by the transportation of illegal aliens in all 50 states for political reasons so the party in power has the upper hand in Presidential, State and Local elections for the foreseeable future. Amnesty by executive order before the end of this year seals the deal. Perhaps, the Ebola virus outbreak in the US is a harbinger of government intrusion, as the only remedy to control our lives by any means necessary.

The upheaval in Cuba so many years ago has affected the lives of refugees like myself and of those living in that imprisoned island. The introduction of Communism has destroyed the virtues associated with the human condition while the introduction of lawlessness and contempt for the Constitution, can be interpreted as the basis for America's upheaval.

In order to help end the plans of special interests or those who no longer have the capacity of having or acquiring a lucid, stable, intellect by Election Day, you must vote and change the trajectory. The Mid Term Elections are fast approaching. On Tuesday, November 4th, our destinies and those of our beloved families will be determined for years to come.
By the Grace of God, America will continue to preserve and protect this nation from within.

Thanks Again

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on October 13th, 2014 11:40 AMPost a Comment

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