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April 22nd, 2020 2:40 PM

Dear Friends,

When I finished writing the last blog post - NEVER BE DISCOURAGED! - I sincerely believed my thoughts reflected a heartfelt optimism that America's current circumstances will eventually be rectified. After rereading the post, I tried to change the title of the post several times by downplaying the positive aspect of the title itself. To my surprise, I was prevented in editing the title - perhaps by 'divine' intervention. It was truly peculiar that I was unable to change the title, and the title - NEVER BE DISCORAGED! - remains.

Nevertheless, I am deeply concerned the Coronavirus has given authorities in local and state governments the ability to circumvent the civil liberties we as Americans have recognized and appreciated our entire lives. When you have police arresting a mother at a park with her two daughters or when you have a man arrested for sunbathing at a secluded beach or an order denying the ability to meet with other family members across town or prohibiting parishioners attending a church service in vehicles to comply with 'social distancing' - the abuse of our rights must stop! America has also witnessed the predominant politicization of the pandemic, as the desire to invoke Socialist and/or Communist concepts by leftist supporters in their manipulation of restrictive and Draconian measures of 'lockdowns' without logic, must not be allowed to continue.

During the past few weeks, informed Americans have come to understand there is a wicked component in which the main street media, the establishment in both political parties and even medical officials are recommending a complete and total shutdown of the country until such time a vaccine is produced in 12 to 18 months. To be involved in a recommendation such as this, is an attempt to destroy America from within. It is unreasonable for any law abiding citizen to accept such quarantine measures for that amount of time. To end the pandemic, everyone must safely engage in activities that will allow a common sense approach in preventive care, when surrounded by others.

Many Americans are grieving as this great nation we love is under attack. Discerning Americans know the origination of the Coronavirus occurred in Communist China. We also know the World Health Organization has allowed the pandemic to flourish around the globe. This organization misled the world by downplaying the outbreak at its source, and the dangerous effects of how the virus infects in human contact.

While this virus has attacked the world and America, we have seen the chronic disrespect of the President and his administration in their sincere efforts to contain the pandemic. The Coronavirus Task Force daily updates at the White House are necessary for America to be informed. Unfortunately, there's a handful of press members that display their aggressive, belligerent questioning, in attempts to criticize and denigrate the President by all means necessary.

Notwithstanding, there are disturbing, contemptible and vicious declarations of hatred amongst entertainment figures and other miscreants that has given many sane and reasonable people a 'wake up call' in discovering a deep and ongoing affliction of mental faculties that persists. Now is the time for all Americans to work together to confront and defeat this pandemic. Many of us hope and pray that we will not be discouraged by the irrational dissent in saving this country from this virus. God willing, for all of us that have suffered from verbal, emotional and physical abuse that continues to harm this nation, we must NEVER BE DISCOURAGED!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on April 22nd, 2020 2:40 PMPost a Comment

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