May 27th, 2021 2:28 PM

Dear Friends,

On a personal level, the date and time of my death will be known only by Almighty God. With this in mind, I ponder to think if America's death, a nation currently in failing health, is earmarked for its eventual demise. America is the Republic once known for its prominence in the world for Judeo-Christian principles of liberty and freedom. Discerning Americans of all demographics are in distress, as one's personal sovereignty is no longer upheld by current government operatives and their supporters. Every day, law abiding and God fearing citizens of this country are beaten over the head by leftist, Marxist ideology. These activists have demonstrated their devotion in proselytizing misguided political concepts. Their mental afflictions have deepened their contempt for America, as their hatred, division and violence is recognized as an advancement of evil intentions. The aftermath of their current actions have created consequences for the preservation of a Democratic-Republic.

What does an American citizen do, to help end the takeover of this madness? This corruption of the human spirit, has inflicted its depravity on members of a society that desires the peace of mind to survive in a world where malevolence thrives. The simplest advice I can offer for a prolonged endearing life to combat these forces - is the power of prayer. Never lose hope or be discouraged. This nation was conceived and blessed for generations. In reviewing American history, there were times this nation succumbed to a pernicious temperament within one's personal and public behavior. While this circumstance was true, the devotion towards the capacity of prayer for sustenance and understanding, was and is still considered overpowering. There are moral concerns that have yet to be resolved. Nonetheless, there will be a time for a decisive resolve by a courageous citizenry, that will end the disparities encountered by vacuous political philosophies.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America - a nation under siege.

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