June 26th, 2016 5:42 PM

Dear Friends,
In observing the current environment in which Americans are truly depressed with their lives or are suffering from a dysfunctional arrangement of behavior in which reality is a mirage, the progression of escapism has accomplished its mission.
All of us would like to live in a society where the truth is the overwhelming element in all relationships. We love the interaction with our families, good friends and the respect we offer and recognize with the acquaintances we meet on any given day. Notwithstanding, the level of professionalism we require in our business endeavors is a part of the confidence that appears, when an alignment of order is manifested by the influence we project on others.
Life offers numerous gifts that enrich us with an immersion of spirit when we embrace values and display virtues that reinforces the growth of our inspiration. Unfortunately, the American people are surrounded by fallacious characters and have succumbed to a method of deception that has damaged the ability to reason or the capability to offer arguments that delivers common sense.

For almost 8 years, our lives have been impacted by the chronic, unrelenting force of an ideology that has damaged the survival of a democratic republic. Everything that has been attempted or implemented by the current government with the cooperation of a media complex unwilling to reveal the truth and crony business pursuits marginalizing the economy - has contributed to America's disorder in its capacity to believe or trust anyone about anything!
Cognitive dissonance has infiltrated the thought patterns of this nation, while many of us have noticed the disintegration of logical thought that has plundered young Americans by an educational system that promotes socialism as the solution for financial inequities. The trust most of us had for those in powerful positions has been eroded to such a state, many rational citizens of this country have had enough!  If you add a culture that has denigrated the respect for civility in relationships, the conglomeration of these components has created a civilization where integrity is no longer valued.

In this post, you must read between the lines. You must grasp the presence of your soul in its capacity to identify the forces of negativity and manipulation that has engulfed your ability to recognize the truth when its revealed. When we sit back and see an immigration system that allows a virtual invasion of groups that have no allegiance to this country or a strong percentage of actions and policies by a government in its motivation to destroy all of America's freedoms from within, the time to take this country back from forces of hatred has arrived!

A momentum in which a society has had its fill of attempts to force an elite transformation of one's sovereignty and dignity, was made evident by the BREXIT vote that took place last week. The courageous actions of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union to recapture its identity, has created a tumult in global financial markets. The exit from bureaucracy has been compared to America's independence 240 years ago. In a few short days this country will celebrate Independence Day from Great Britain in 1776. To witness the events of last week can only be understood as a providential occurrence, as we all agree there are no such things as a coincidence.
During the next few weeks, there will exist a convergence of hostile activities that will seek to undermine the vote by England's majority. The 'establishment' is a powerful entity and will procure weapons from its supporters to create havoc in its desire to change public opinion on its error at the ballot box. Those of us blessed and emboldened by discernment through the power of logic and wisdom, see a tremendous ray of hope for the removal of policies in which globalism harms the profound character of individuals to reason and have control of their very lives. This train of thought will be coming to our shores to begin the conversion of our destinies, resembling the optimism associated by the 'Spirit of 1776'.
 This is truly the 'hope' America has been waiting for.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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