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Today marks a new chapter in American history! The Inauguration of Barack Obama as our 44th President is indeed noteworthy, as he is the only African American to hold the reins of power as Chief Executive in US Government history! This is a true milestone as we are proud one of the major divisions which has permeated the fabric and soul of this country is put to rest.

Race relations has dominated discussions of all Americans since the founding of the Republic. The elevation of Barack Obama as President is a testament of the tolerance and desire to embrace individuals or personalities irrespective of one's skin color. While this dynamic is an attribute we are content to witness in our daily lives, we are reminded there are those in our communities that have not responded in kind. Perhaps, in due course and in years to come, discrimination of this type will no longer become a division or a distraction amongst Americans as major issues and challenges facing the nation will dominate and take center stage, as it should be.

While we have a new Administration and a majority of members of one Party in both houses of Congress, there is the likelihood of dramatic changes which will dominate the discussion of major concerns regarding the economy and the direction of foreign policy. While there is a force of desire or a perceived mandate to implement legislation or statutes which run counter to those of the previous Administration, we as Americans need to be wary of a rush to judgement in all machinations devised by one party rule. It is always prudent and smart to have a healthy exchange of ideas in regards to all aspects of decision making when government is involved. Nonetheless, most Americans are eager to give the new President the benefit of the doubt in his approach to end the current financial crisis. This perspective may continue depending on the results. While the US economy is the main focus of government officials, there are other issues of major consequence which will be discussed at length during the coming months, that will help define the substance and character of the new occupant of the White House.

In regards to our new President, he is well spoken, intelligent, charming and charismatic by all accounts. The Inaugural address highlighted the financial challenges and obstacles Americans face and the examples of previous generations in overcoming these problems.

This nation was founded by Christians. The Declaration Of Independence provided the new Republic with convictions similar in scope to those espoused in Scripture. Many Americans were devout in their desires to live a better life from the tyranny of King George III. The end of 'taxation without representation' and the courage by the settlers in its break with England, was a development inspired by Providence. Prayer provided hope to a new nation. A deep abiding faith in the Almighty gave comfort to America's newest citizens.

From the days of the nation's beginnings through the turmoil of the Civil War many years later to the Great Depression of the last century, Americans have withstood their plight and always turned to wise counsel in overcoming the deep despair and suffering of its countrymen.

In 2009, we are reminded our nation's destiny does not revolve around one man or one political party. The collective prayers we have for America are heard and appropriate outcomes are answered once our faith is shown to be genuine and sincere. The path we take is the prerequisite for the planned destiny which will be bestowed upon this nation. Decisions in regards to health care, discussions of pro-life or pro-choice, stem cell research, education, crime, environmental concerns, privacy matters and a gamut of numerous other issues will provide the debates in which guidance and wisdom rendered by our prayers will provide the difficult answers required to help solve the unique challenges Americans face today. Notwithstanding, the integrity of those harboring the power in shaping economic policy is of utmost importance. Honest brokers are required to instill confidence that America's solutions of our current financial turmoil are in capable hands. Prayers for our nation and its leaders on all concerns is a necessity if we are to overcome the numerous challenges we now face.

Truly, in anything we do, God is watching us from a distance.

Goodbye President Bush

There are many Americans eager to have the Bush Administration come to an end. The Iraq War, Katrina and the current Recession are the events which have doomed the goodwill citizens once had for this President. During the months following the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001, Americans looked to the new President for guidance and direction. The death of our beloved neighbors in a manner so disturbing and so barbaric as to be truly inhumane, was the springboard for vengeance and retribution. The 'war on terror' began the onslaught to protect America at all costs. The incursion of American forces into Iraq to end the stranglehold of its population by a demonic dictator and the pursuit of weapons of mass destruction where none were eventually found, began the debate by many to the veracity and the integrity of Mr. Bush. Questions in regards to the origins of intelligence obtained by the CIA in America's endeavors became susceptible to scrutiny by a doubting media, Congress and the general public. 

In late August of 2005, hurricane Katrina rendered the population of New Orleans and other municipalities hostage by its destruction. The inept and disturbing attempts by FEMA in helping the residents of this disaster in the beginning hours of Katrina's torment, was attributed to the incompetence and lack of communication by those hired to administer aid to those in need. The television pictures were all too graphic and inconceivable to believe.

The current Recession which began with the sub prime mess so many months ago, is deemed to have begun the spiraling effects which contributed to the current state of economic meltdown. While the Democratic Congress had its hands in devising mortgage loan programs which provided lenient underwriting guidelines in housing purchases, the snowball effect occurred under the governance of the Bush Administration.

These 3 major events have given the 8 years of the Bush Presidency its lukewarm reception. However, it must be reported that America has not been attacked by terrorists or a foreign power since 9/11. This is the main focus of the Bush legacy. The protection of US citizens from foreign or domestic terrorism is profound.

Years from now we will know if the sacrifice made by Americans in Iraq was worth the effort. If this nation suceeds in its efforts to uphold the basic tenets of democracy, historians may look with favor on this President. Perhaps the prayers of many around the world for Peace, will be aswered for all to rejoice!

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