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February 22nd, 2019 3:45 PM

Dear Friends,

Here in America, we celebrate 'Black History Month' in February of every year. We remember the achievements, various personalities, the appreciation of a dynamic culture and the wonderful presence of those that contributed to this nation. While many of us are deeply horrified by the abuse that has occurred throughout history of the Black population, we remember and will never forget the circumstances that have made this an occurrence that must never be repeated ever again. The members of this group have suffered greatly from a deluge of racism, violence and discrimination among other horrific acts of hatred that has known no bounds. Ever since the introduction of slavery within the colonies, the chronic abuse of individuals from predominant African nations from powerful forces continues unabated in unconventional forms, even today.

While progress in one's genuine appreciation and respect of Black citizens by discerning Americans of all convictions is true, there are established entities and maligned citizens seeking to foment divisiveness as a political weapon. We have powerful organizations that have developed clandestine methods to provoke abusive characteristics of divisiveness. The persistent discourse by these forces to open the tragic wounds of pain and suffering from the past, has become an affliction that prevents the healing America sincerely seeks. As a nation, we must confront this sad and debilitating presence in our communities, so healing can continue to be a factor in our deliverance.

There are politicians, leftist activists, media concerns and those of questionable reputations that have continued their capacity to encourage hatred in all manifestations by their actions. The alleged 'hate crime' hoax that transpired in Chicago recently, has become a disconsolate attempt to disparage the advancement of Black Americans under conservative policies. The financial strategies of this government administration has been tremendously successful. The economic fortunes of Black Americans has greatly improved, as employment figures have revealed an unprecedented historic level of employment for all minority groups. When bankruptcies, foreclosures and the inability to feed or clothe one's family is no longer a major challenge due to a job with a sustainable income and the stability it affords, Black Americans are recognizing and understanding the political circumstances that have allowed their prosperity to happen.

 Logic and reason are the benefits that anyone can acquire, when one is subjected to inept government practices that has led to continued pain and suffering in the past. At this time in American history, the booming economy will resurrect the capacity of those that have undergone torment - to utilize their ability for common sense and sound judgment - today - and in years to come.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on February 22nd, 2019 3:45 PMPost a Comment

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